Anyone in the palm harbour, clearwater area interested in a casuaL WLS coffee group?

on 3/11/15 6:44 am - Rosemount, MN

I would love to get together with guys and gals who have had surgery or are thinking of surgery in a casual fun way to support each other on our journeys....I am 5 years post op R/Y that had just recently had plastic surgery to finish my journey. Please message me or email  [email protected]


  before surgery 318lb  surgery date..297lb   goal.....160lbs

on 3/12/15 11:52 am - Bradenton, FL

I would love to. I live in Bradenton.

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on 3/12/15 9:13 pm - Rosemount, MN

That's just awesome!!! Let make time a do it😀 I am in Tarpon springs fl so maybe somewhere in between?

i belonged to a casual group in Mn. That met for coffee every sat, it was wonderful and inspiring etc etc.

Do you know anyone else that is pre or post bariatric that might like to join us. My number 651 324 2802. I am still off work from my surgery but I am getting around fine now, nearly ready to go back to work, so perhaps we can meet soon!



Michael Eak
on 3/20/15 2:54 am - Saint Petersburg, FL

Check  - Palms of Pasadena Hospital, St. Petersburg: Message Board.

They list several WL Support Groups, some led by fellow patients. Their all over Tampa Bay.

on 7/5/15 1:03 pm - FL

hello, did anyone ever get anything going? I am iin New Port Richey and would totally love a local group.  I have s hard time motivating myself to drive to Tampa general.

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