Dr. Duncan is starting an obesity related show!

on 6/10/16 2:47 pm

Hello Fellow Georgians. I got this inbox recently:

Peachtree Bariatrics is pleased to announce that the producers of Undercover Boss are casting a new show for a major network. The intent of this show is to chronicle the journey of individuals suffering from obesity and its related problems. Obesity has become a world-wide epidemic and continues to increase in the United States. This show will focus on educating and helping others understand the struggles and plight of people who are currently suffering from the disease of obesity.

The producers are looking for women, men and teens in the Atlanta area who (either):

  • Are over 400 pounds and considering bariatric surgery.
  • Already had bariatric surgery and still have 150-200 pounds to lose.
  • Already lost all the weight and are considering cosmetic skin tightening surgery.

If you are interested in being considered to cast for this show, please contact our practice at 404-881-8020 (do not reply to this email). We will give you a HIPAA form to sign so we can give your contact information to the producers. We are casting people now so if you are interested, please give us a call today.

I am already a patient of his but passed this onto my friend. She said they were closed for this season but would be having another season.


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