New here!!! Journey just starting...

on 8/15/11 11:07 am - Houma, LA
Hello everyone, My name is Brandi, I'm from the very deep south, Houma, Louisiana,lol, not sure if any of you have heard of it. Well I am just starting out on my new journey, I will be seeing Dr. Lavin in New Orleans. Has anyone here heard of him or has used him? and what did you think of him? any advise would be great, hope to make a t of new friends here.

Thanks everyone
on 8/15/11 11:41 am - LA

Hello Brandi, my name is Pat and I am from Covington and I am also seeing Dr. Lavin. I have heard a lot of great things about him. I feel pretty good about using him.

on 8/15/11 12:32 pm - Houma, LA
Hi Pat, nice to meet you, what are you having done? and when are you having it done?
on 8/16/11 9:51 am - LA
I am thinking hard about the sleeve and shooting for mid September.  I have been through all the approvals from the heart doctor, family doctor, psych doctor last week. As soon as all the approvals are in, Dr Lavin's office submits to insurance for final approval. So for now, I am waiting. How far are you along on your jouney?
on 8/17/11 5:45 am - Houma, LA
Hi Pat, I am just starting my journey, waiting on a patient advocate to call me back with my first appointment. I will be self pay and was told things will go fairly quickly for me. Which office do you go to?
on 8/17/11 10:11 am - LA
The Covington Office.  Which procedure are you having done? 
on 8/18/11 2:15 am - Houma, LA
Well good news I just spoke to the patient advocate, I have my first appointment next friday 8/26/11, in Metairie. I am so excited, do you know all of what will happen at this first appointment?
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on 8/22/11 11:16 am
are you attending the seminar next week in metairie? i'm from galliano and i'm gonna be there. though i'm seeking out a more complex procedure since my insurance doesn't cover the sleeve.
on 8/23/11 2:06 am - Houma, LA
Hello JD13

No I'm not going to any of the seminars, I have my first appointment this friday, I am so hoping to get a surgery date.

I'm from Houma, not that far from you.  :)
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on 8/23/11 7:45 am
Goodluck to you. I hope you have a date soon and speedy recovery. what surgery are you seeking?
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