Support Group Winnipeg

on 10/10/17 8:48 pm
VSG on 11/07/17

Does anyone know if there are any support groups that meet in Winnipeg, MB? I'm getting my surgery done in Mexico, without telling anyone, and I could really use the support. I'm part of a lot of groups online, but it isn't exactly the same as meeting people in person.

Would love to know!

on 4/11/18 8:21 pm - Selkirk, Canada
DS on 06/14/12

Hi ChiakiAngel, I had my surgery in Mexico with Dr. Jamie Ponce de Leon. Everything went great. I had the Duodenal Switch procedure. Many people I know went and had the gastric sleeve done and had great luck with it. There is a Facebook group for Winnipeg.

Join the group. We used to hold meetings, I used to organize some at a couple of libraries in wpg. The louis riel on Dakota and the Sir william Stephanson library on keewatin. We used to do clothing swaps and just have an informal coffee meet and greet. You can set one up with the library and post on the facebook page I bet people would come. There are many that went to mexico (we call ourselves the mexicans) lol

Dr. Jamie Ponce de Leon - Medical guide Laurie Wolf Received money Never showed up - Only thing booked were flights.  Surgeon and Medical team, and hospital were awesome .  There is another Medical guide named Trish she is good.  PM me for info.    
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