Wls friendly PCP in Maryland

on 4/5/16 2:59 pm, edited 7/16/17 4:33 am


on 6/4/16 12:33 pm

Have you located a good pcp yet, one who will be supportive of your wls?   Perhaps finding one affiliated with a hospital such as Johns Hopkins where they perform weight loss surgery would be worth a try...

on 8/20/16 2:46 pm

Hello, I'm not sure if you've found a PCP yet but I'm a patient of Dr. Singh's and I'm currently in my 4th month of supervised diet with my PCP. My PCP is Dr. Deepak Baskaran at St. Agnes on Wilkens Ave, you can call his office and see if he accepts your insurance (I have Maryland Medicaid). Dr. Singh's nutritionist will also do the 6 months of supervised diet with you as well. If you need any questions, I'm here! :)

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