First Day of Liquid Diet really struggling

on 4/25/11 5:15 am - MI
I am soooo hungry and I am like having real fear of not being able to eat normal food again with taste, that isn't gritty.  Did anyone else go through this. The soups rock I could eat them all day long but I am not allowed.  I am hope I am not the only one sad that I can eat a no bake cookies and other lovely things ever again
on 4/25/11 8:27 am - Canton, MI
Believe me, you will be able to eat real food again - well, nutritious food.  You may not be able to eat junk food again - but that is not what your body needs.  I dump on sugar, but there are plenty of sugar free treats that I can eat in moderation for a special occasion.  Too many carbs make me feel bad - so that is my reminder not to eat that way.  I just love all the food that I can eat - lots of protein - eggs, cheese, turkey jerky, tuna, etc.  
Can you drink tomatoe juice on your liquid diet?  Can you have sugar free pudding?  I thought the stuff on my liquid diet wasn't bad, I just missed chewing.   :-)
on 4/25/11 11:07 pm - Midland, MI

You will be able to eat normal food again, trust me.  But you will be eating healthier and more nutritious food pst surgery!  The liquid diet is tough, no doubt, but once I made it through the first few days it became easier. 

You can do it!!!  Just remember why you are doing it!  And Jean is right, I too can eat treats made with spenda such as cookies or pie on special occasions.  You can pretty much alter any recipe and make it with spenda to make it sugar free.

Good luck to you!


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on 4/26/11 9:39 am - MI
I feel your pain I am on day 8. It gets better but not much. Try to go outside if you can it helps trust me I just got through Easter weekend... Try to not think about food I know its hard but nothing tastes as good as thin feels
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