22 month Post Op blood work, NOT GOOD NEWS, NEED HELP !!

on 6/19/11 3:37 am - Fenton, MI
Hello everyone in the weight lose world. I have been on this site for 3 years now, Im 2 years post Op in July, I had my blood work done and , Needless to say , Im not very happy and am finding that im kinda stuck, with what I need to do.

Ferritin level is low, hemoglobin level low, Iron saturation level low, Prre albumin level low and Albumin level low. AND IM HYPOGLYCEMIC NOW TOO !!!

Whats the best iron suppliment, Ive tried fumerate and glyconate (sp ) , doesnt work, .. Can I take multi vitamin, iron suppliment, calcium, sublingual vitamin b , together ?

Weight lose is great I'm 143 and have been stable for 5 months. Im tired all the time , and have had a VERY GROUCHY POUCH for the past few weeks, Very bad gas pains. Pretty nauseated most of the time, hair is very brittle ... I know a lot of this is the iron and prealbimun levels being off ..

Average days eating is as follows. Eggs for breakfast, beef jerkey for a snack, high protein meat and salad for dinner, snack, is usually popcorn or graham crackers, greek yogurt, cottage cheese .

Not sure why im in this rut this far out from surgery but I'am, Anyone else have these problems ?
Can anyone help me with these questions. ?


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on 6/19/11 12:40 pm - Brighton, MI
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Go on vitalady's site and order a heme iron called Proferrin.  Take the tablets and cut them in half - that will help you to absorb them.  You will want to take several a day.

NO - you cannot take calcium and iron together, they need to be spaced at least 2 hours apart.  The iron will bind to the calcium and be literally useless.  But - you can take the rest together.  Take your iron with some Vitamin C too. 

My ferritin is low and in the tank too.  I'm going to the Dr and asking to get an iron infusion, then I'll be more diligent in keeping my iron up (I hope).  That's the one supplement I seem to skip if any. 

I'm hypoglycemic now too - sucks huh?  I can't eat too many carbs or it throws me into it.  So I guess that keeps me in check too. 

Do you take a PPI (like Prevacid)?  I know if I don't take mine I get pains that feel like hunger, but they're actually irritation. 

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on 6/28/11 8:11 am - Port Huron, MI
 Hey there,
3 years post-op here and have dealt with some of the same things.  Agree with not taking Calcium at the same time as iron.  Also it helps to take Vitamin C with the Iron and Vitamin D with the Calcium.  Either can be taken with your multi-vitamin, but just one of them.
As far as the hypoglycemia it is a nuisance.  I've gotten big into endurance sports and have dealt with some pretty wild rollercoasters with my blood sugar (been down in the 20's a couple of times).  There's not much good support for this out there, my original surgeons office hasn't offered me much support and I've gone to endrocronlogist who basically said it's late dumping.  Just be really mindful of your hypoglycemia.  For me it creeps up about 2 hours after eating carbs OR after doing some exercising.
Good luck!
on 8/9/11 1:58 am - Wayne, MI
I agree with Saxmann on the hypoglysemia. I am out this Nov. 9 yrs. I keep Glucose on me at all times for the hypo...Mine drops low and I go out if I do not get it back up. Being tired is normal for all of the low readings you are having. I too get iron infusions every 6 months as I can not maintain normal levels. It does not help that I had breast cancer 1 1/2 yrs ago. But today I am healthy and happy....Good Luck!
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