Got the Call - Yippee

Henry M.
on 1/14/13 11:05 pm - Fredericton, Canada

Got the call today.  In on Thursday for Pre-Op then Feb 5th is the Big day.

Excited...Freaked out...Excited again...Gonna be a hard day at work :-)



on 1/14/13 11:43 pm - Canada
VSG on 05/17/12

that is awesome news :)

Cindy F.
on 1/15/13 2:21 am - Charlottetown, Canada
VSG on 02/05/13

I posted an update down in the February surgeries posting but am happy to update here as well - my dates mirror Henry's!

Pre-op this Thursday, January 17th and surgery February 5th!

I guess we'll be walking the halls together on the 5th Henry!

on 1/15/13 2:29 am - Charlottetown, Canada
VSG on 05/10/12

Y E A H !!!!!  Finally...I am so happy for the both of you...and to be the same freaking day...funny...and nice....keep us all posted on the trials and blocks you hit before the big day....


It is really cutting it close on getting the order in for the shakes & bars...



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