Dr Mac Donnald/Dr Chapman and other Q's


on 3/21/06 11:56 pm - Jacksonville, NC
Hello everyone, I'm a newby to this site and WLS issues. i'm a nurse at our local hospital and had the chance to talk to a couple of ladies that had WLS done and look GREAT! so i finally decided to do this for myself--I have "medcost prefered" insurance and was told they will cover 80% of all costs. has anyone had surgery @ pitt memorial with Dr Kenneth Mac Donald or Dr Chapman? my orientation date is april 3rd in greenville. i was told that the average wait to have surgery is 4-6mo--according to the office staff. i'm planning on a Lap procedure. i'm hoping to find someone who will "adopt" me for a while and be my wls pal... i've talked to coworkers--and had either support or " have you really even tried and done your best to lose...?" or " you know you can get fat again???" comments. i feel like a circus freak @ times. But, since i'm 1000% ready i can't wait to be healthy and fabulous Thanks for listening---> and Fairy Godmother is needed
on 3/22/06 12:47 am - NC
I will be your weight loss buddy. I too am a nurse. I had my surgery 1-25-06 at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston SC. I live in N.C. But through research I found out that Dr Byrne was the best in his field. I had my first appointment on the 1st of Dec. So I didn't have to wait long. They do all your evals the same day which was great. If you have any questions you can email me directly. [email protected] . I have not told alot of people about my surgery up here because I didn't want to listen to all the negative remarks that I heard when someone I worked with had the surgery. Even My roomate doesn't know about the surgery. She thinks I had my gallbladder taken out. So if you want me to be your buddy I will.
on 3/22/06 1:27 am - Albemarle, NC
Im going to school to be a Nuc Med Technologist, actually through Pitt Community College. Funny how so many medical people have found their way here isnt it? Ive had a lot of trouble finding real support from friends and family. Youll find that a lot of people are your friend specifically because you are overweight because at some level they dont view you as a threat or as competition. All that changes when you tell them you are going to be thin. My best friend had a much harder time with the news than I would have ever thought. He would ask me why I didnt just eat less and exercise more like it was something Ive never thought of or something. I think that ever since we were 12 years old, Ive always been the fat friend and he doesnt know if the dynamic of our friendship will be the same... My mother is the only other person Ive told about this and she wasnt supportive either. I think people are just afraid Ill be a different person when Ive lost weight. I know who I am and I wont change but maybe their perception of me will change? I havent been on this journey as long as a lot of people but I do know the wait times are not at all set in stone. If time is a problem for you then maybe you should consider another surgeon. As far as who is the "best" Ive learned that pretty much everyone thinks "their" surgeon is the best. Ask you surgeon or prospective surgeon maybe I should say 1) how many RNY (open and Lap) they have done, 2) how many deaths they have had in their practice and in my mind most importantly, 3) the rate of various complications they have experienced. Some surgeons have never had a fatality but their rate of serious complications is 5 times average. Some have high fatality rates but if you dig a little deeper its because they specialize in high risk patients. In my mind, the death rate is a function of what the surgeon had to work with. If you are super morbidly obese and dont work or do any kind of activity then you are at a much much higher risk than if you hold down a job and have to do things around the house, etc. As an example I know personally of a surgeon near me who had done more RNY prodecures than almost any other Bariatric surgeon in North Carolina and last I heard he has NEVER had a fatality. His rate of complications is very low also. In short he sounds like the best surgeon in the state doesnt he? Well, he also refuses surgery on almost half of the people who see him. He wont do surgery if you have EVER had sleep apnea, heart problems, other major surgeries, etc. I think that tells more of a story than his rate of complications. Again its what the surgeon has to work with and this guy only works with the healthiest and least complicated patients. IF this guy had to perform surgery on less than ideal candidate I feel that his mortality rate and complication rate would be much much higher than average because he doesnt have as much experience with the more difficult surgeries, etc. Does that make sense? Personally Ive found a surgeon I like and Im comfortable with. Unless something happens he will be the one I let do this for me. As far as telling others I wouldnt do it. Ive learned that the medical setting is just as bad as working in a cotton mill as far as people starting rumors and talking about others, etc. I find that peoples perception of me is not only based on how good a job I do but also on what Ive told people about myself, what others have asaid about me, etc. The less they know about me the more they will have to base their perceptions of me on my work as opposed to "rumors". Take care and Ill see you on "the losing side".....
Nancy Hall
on 3/22/06 2:19 am - Charlotte, NC
Best of luck on your up-coming journey! You will find the best support ever, right here and they are here 24 X 7! I have been very lucky and have good support at home, but found it easier to talk here about what I am going through since there are SO many experts here! Everyone is different and every surgeon is different. Trust your gut when you make your decision. The surgeon I chose first was highly recommended and is a fine surgeon. I had to switch because he switched practices. ALthough the surgeon I went with did not do LAP and had only done about 12 RNYs, he is a fabulous surgeon and I have gotten the best of care. You will know if it is right. I was his first stricture and he got me in there quickly and got that taken care of. Other than that, I have been great! Good luck and please feel free to e-mail if you need anything. Nancy
on 3/22/06 5:20 am - Kinston, NC
Hi Welcome aboard, I haven't had surgery yet, still waiting for ins. approval, but I've had everything else done, Dr. Pender is my Dr, he is in the same office with the Drs you ask about at ECU, they are suppose to be the best in this area, BUT I'll tell you this the wait is a killer, I started last Augt. 20th and I'm still waiting. I'm having RNY Lap. SO good luck and hope you have lots of patience. Good Luck on your journey, will be glad to help any way I can. Perry W.
on 7/8/06 5:02 am - Niceville, FL
Thanks Dan. Good luck on your journey.
on 3/22/06 10:01 am - greenville, NC
Hello how are you? Dr. Mac Donnald is my doctor also. I am going thru the pre op stuff right now. However if you need anyone to talk to I am here for you. I might not have all of the right answers but I know where I can get them. So don't think that you are alone out here. Gina
Lulu C.
on 3/22/06 10:08 am - Jacksonville, NC
I see Dr. Pender at Dr. McDonald's office, and I, like Perry have been waiting since Aug 15th, first consult. My orientation was in July. I am waiting for insurance approval also. I was told a 6 month wait. The wait sucks, but it's kinda good because it gives you plenty of time to change your mind and learn alot. Good luck. Robin
Robin B.
on 3/22/06 10:38 am - Greenville, NC
Hey there! I am seeing Dr. Pender who is in with those Docs you listed. I have finished all my pre-op work and I am waiting for them to get all my paperwork together and send in for insurance approval. I too have been working on this since Aug/Sept 2005. My insurance required a 6 month exercise/ supervised diet program which I have just finished up as well as the psych eval and nutrition appointment. I look forward to getting to know all you guys in this area! We all need all the support we can get! Anyone feel free to email me. Robin
on 3/22/06 11:10 am - Jacksonville, NC
Hi I live in Jacksonville, too. So happy to met you on this board. I started with Dr McDonald, but due to the LONG.....wait, I changed to Dr Naziri. I did go to the initial consult and the first dr visit. You usually won't see a docotr at any of these places ( this includes my dr as well****il you have finished all your tests and been approved for surgery. They have their 2nd in command to see you. Dr McDonald's wait is so long because he is a teaching dr as well. I know they are suppose to be the best, so if you can handle the wait you have great dr's. My dr is also one of the best, he was referred by my dh's heart dr in Greenville, so we know he would not steer us wrong. First and foremost, be prepared for a stressful time. I don't mean this as a negative, but everyone needs to know that no matter WHO your dr may be, WLS requires a lot of tests (for your own good) and a lot of paperwork. I started my journey in October and have finally been apprvoved and will have surgery April 3 (I hope) still waiting for letter from insurance. I have been approved, but they must have it in writing. From what I read on this board, my lenght of time is short compared to some others. While you are waiting, there is a meeting the 1st monday of every month for pre and post op wls patients right there in the hospital. IF my surgery stays on the 3rd, I won't be there this month, but if it gets changed I plan to attend. It is wonderful to meet people that have been where you are or are going where you have been. As you said, we all need support during this time. This board has been my lifesaver during this wait. If not for the board, I'm not sure how I would have stood it. Good luck and God Bless and I hope to meet you at one of the support meetings. Diane
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