worried that I might not have the surgery after all

on 3/23/06 4:38 am - Marshville, NC
Well I have been on the phone with Dr Baughmen's office(sp?)and I have to get records from 29 years ago, where I had the illeobypass surgery, if I can't find them he may not do the surgery he has to have notes from the surgeon who did it and he's dead, and I called the hospital and they destroy back in the summer all records from the 70s, I was told that the health department might have them in there archives, so I have emailed them hope I emailed the right place, there was several in Chattanooga. Has any one had this problem about there records? Let me know, been on the phone most of the day trying to find things Hope some one can help or give me advice
on 3/23/06 5:54 am - Albemarle, NC
Hello Debbie. I have heard that Dr Bauman is like that. In short, he wont do the surgery if there is any complicating factor. While this is commendable in most surgeries, the very nature of obesity is that the patient is by definition not an ideal surgical candidate. If you were an ideal candidate they would not do surgery on you anyway because your be thin!!!!! They can do tests to answer any question a surgeon might have and Im sure Dr Bauman is aware of these tests. A CT scan, ultrasounds, MRIs can all image your small intestine and visualize any potential anatomical problems. If he still gives you the runaround go talk to someone else. In fact I know of a surgeon that SPECIALIZES in revision surgeries like yours and I know there are more. Dont give up.
on 3/23/06 6:35 am - Marshville, NC
thanks for your reply, and I will check into other surgeons, I will be 55 next month so I need one that will do surgery on older patients and in the Charlotte area. If you don't mind give me some names and I will check them out. I want to be like others in here and be one day in onederland, it seems so close but so far away, I don't think I have been there but only when I was in first of second grade, maybe third. I really like this site, I come and read posts and its so encouraging, once again thanks for your help.
on 3/23/06 9:03 am - siler city, NC
hi deborah, i know that its far from you but dr. malik, in rocky mount, is not just a wls doctor, he specializes in it, but he does other things to concerning the stomach, intestines and colon. he might be someone to look into. he does surgery in rocky mount but he has an office in cary. adrienne
on 3/23/06 9:44 am - Marshville, NC
Thanks Adrienne, I have no idea where Rocky Mount is, I am from Chattanooga Tn, but been here for five years, and I have mainly lived in Monroe, and now I live in Marshville, I'm half way between Concord and Charlotte. How far is it from Charlotte or Concord, Charlotte to me is a long way, LOL any way thank you so much, its like almost getting the brass ring but can't manage to reach it. But I will keep trying.
on 3/23/06 11:03 am - siler city, NC
rocky mount is an hour past raleigh, and his cary office is in the raleigh area.
on 3/23/06 11:45 am - Concord, NC
I understand that Dr. Voellinger at Southeast Bariatrics has experience with and performs revisions, complications, etc. He's in Charlotte in the Presby area on Randolph Road-the # is 704-347-4144. I like him alot and hope to have a date within the next 3 weeks! Good luck and keep us posted!
j s
on 3/23/06 10:54 pm - rocky mount, NC
Hello Deborah since my sweet patient Adrienne is giving Dr Malik's name as she has become one of our best marketing tool here thanx Adrienne..lol..I will give you the address to both our offices so u can mapquest it Rocky Mount 1041 Noell Lane Rocky Mount NC 27804...the hosptial address where we do surgery is 2460 Curtis Ellis Rocky Mount NC 27804 and the Cary office 212 Ashville Ave. Cary NC 27501...let me know if we can help you ... and thanx again Adrienne... Good Luck Deborah Jennifer Advanced Surgical Associates
on 3/24/06 5:04 am - Marshville, NC
Thank you so much, I do appriciate you telling me that, do you think he could reverse the bypass? Also could I do all the testing here, in Monroe or Charlotte for it would be hard to run up your way every time I needed to have tests done. I do appriciate the response I have gotten from you and others. I found out a little while ago, that the health department back in Chattanooga only keeps records from surgeries for 10 years, so looks like Dr. Baugmen is out. I saw where Dr. Malik does surgery up to 60 years, what about the BMI, mine is 54. Thanks again Jennifer have a great weekend. And a blessed one.
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