Howdy 4.5 years out

on 12/17/14 7:20 am - Durham, NC

Hi, I haven't been back for years but am finally checking in. I lost about 100lbs 4-ish years ago and did well until about 8 months ago when work turned to $&*^! Regained about 30lbs. Felt so out of control. But I attended a 15 week class called Eat Smart, Move More and Weigh Less. For the first 7 weeks I gained! But I treated myself with compassion and just started trying some of the ideas. Now I'm working out more (5 days/week), back to eating like I did post op (~1500cal/day) and am losing slowly and steadily. I feel back in the groove! Decided to check back in with OH community.

I feel so much better and am soooo glad I decided not to go on a diet (they don't work) or go on an crazy exercise program (just working out at what I love to do any way). I actually lost 2 lbs over Thanksgiving. Have lost about 1/2 of my re-gain. I plan to continue on and won't worry if I lose or gain over the coming holidays. I'll just keep moving and eating better.

My wish for all of you this holiday season is that you be compassionate with yourselves. Don't beat yourselves up over small or even big weight gains. I hope you can all keep to the basics and enjoy this holiday season. AND, enjoy this tool we have all been given!

Love and Hugs to all of you wonderful North Carolinians!


Jennifer K.
on 1/1/15 10:08 pm - Charlotte, NC

Maggie - congrats on gaining control and moving yourself in the right direction. I am over 8 years out and know the struggle with obesity never ends. I have to continually be diligent to maintain my weight. I go up and down a few pounds but when I hit 8-10 I know its time to hit the breaks and reign myself back in. Love to hear stories like yours, its a great inspiration!

First visit to surgeon - 288 ~ bmi 45.1 
2 week pre-op 252 ~ bmi 39.5
Total lost - 143   Since surgery - 107! 
Goal weight - 155
Current weight - 145 ~ bmi 22.7
Holding steady at 145 since Feb 2008! 

Extended TT, lipo, fat injections - 11/2011

BA/BL/Arm Lift - 7/2014

Scar revision on arms - 3/2015

HALO laser on arms/neck 9/2016


on 1/12/15 2:52 am - Durham, NC

Thanks Jennifer. I'm back on the wagon again - only it just feels like normal to me again. Thank goodness!!!! I've lost about 16 of the 35 lbs I want to loose to get back to a good weight. But more importantly, I'm working out 5 days a week and that feels normal as well.

It is a tool and we have to keep using it, right.

Have a great day,


on 3/22/15 9:51 am
RNY on 06/15/15

I am using the same surgeon and hope to have surgery in 4 weeks.

on 3/25/15 8:07 am - Durham, NC

Hi! I just want to say that our mutual surgeon is the BEST!!!! He may not have a gregarious bedside manner but he is a wonderful surgeon. When I had surgery I was out the next day, had very little gas pains and stopped the meds about a day-day and a half after that. I just didn't need them. But be compassionate (my favorite concept for now ) with your body and what it needs. I know some folks went back to work early but, man, I was a tired puppy and took the full 6 weeks to get back. And I was still tired.

One mistake I made was not walking enough. I'm sure you'll make mistakes but you'll get through it. Send me an email if you are worried about anything or if you just need to vent to someone who knows.


All the best,


on 4/10/15 1:04 am
RNY on 06/15/15

I had my psych evaluation on Wednesday and meet with Dr. Sudan yesterday. Do you know how long it takes for bcbs of NC to approve. Thanks for any help you can provide.

on 4/16/15 9:46 am - Durham, NC

Sheesh, so sorry no reply until now! After my psych app it was only about a week or so for BCBS approval. BUT, it depends on which BCBS policy you have. For instance when I worked at the Town of Chapel Hill it was all approved fast with no other requirements. Back at UNC CH, the coverage sucks! It has all sorts of hoops you have to jump and I bet approval takes longer. But I'm not sure.

So happy the process is moving along for you, though. Let me know when you hear and do ask me any questions, complain to me, share milestones with me, etc. But only if you want to do so.

OOOO EEEE, I'm excited for you!


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