Workshop for Prevention of Weight Re-Gain

Sheri A.
on 12/5/11 6:49 am
Many of you had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Connie Stapleton at the LI Conference in October. Connie has created a workshop based on her book, Eat It Up and has offered to conduct a workshop in the central NJ area on a Saturday. I would like to get an idea of who may be interested in such a workshop. To cover her fees and expenses we'd need at least 75 people for the all day event and the price would be approximately $50 unless we can get our surgeons' offices to help sponsor it. Already have a venue, fee free. Please post all suggestions....

Dr. Connie Stapleton is offering
For Weight-Loss Surgery Patients

Dr. Connie Stapleton, Ph.D., author of Eat It Up! The Mind/Body/Spirit Guide to a Full Life After
Weight Loss Surgery is excited about the opportunity to present an Eat It Up! Weekend Workshop in
your area! The Eat It Up! Weekend Workshop is for weight loss surgery patients who are ready to
look into their hearts and work on emotional issues that may be interfering with their ability to keep
weight off. The Eat It Up! Weekend Workshop is also a time for WLS patients to learn specific tools
aimed to assist them in living a healthy, balanced life after surgery.

How will participants benefit from Eat It Up! The Workshop!? Participants will:
? gain a better understanding of the underlying issues related to obesity.
(self-esteem, family of origin issues, abuse, dysfunction, bullying, etc.)
? understand how obesity was a "friend" to you.
? identify the automatic negative thoughts that sabotage weight loss and keeping it off.
? discover the ways obesity has negatively affected all areas of life, or "Centers of Balance."
? discover ways to find and maintain balance in all Centers of Balance, helping to make sustaining a healthy weight just another part of daily life.

Dr. Stapleton would like you to help organize a remarkable one or two-day time of personal growth for
the WLS patients in your area with a volunteer coordinator (support group leader, energetic WLS
patient with great leadership skills) who will 1) secure a meeting room large enough to accommodate
all of the people who would like to attend and 2) organize registration and event details with Dr.
Stapleton and her staff.

What is the cost for the Workshop? That depends! Dr. Stapleton offers a very full one-day workshop
or a two-day workshop. The cost per person is based, in part, on whether there is financial assistance
provided by a bariatric center, support group, or sponsor(s). Steve Little, the CFO of Mind/Body
Health Services, Dr. Stapleton's business, will help you with any questions about options and logistics.
on 12/6/11 8:43 pm - waterford, NJ
i would be very interested. 
on 12/18/11 9:15 pm - Randolph, NJ
Hi Sheraine!

Me! Me! Me!

on 12/30/11 2:54 am - Bayonne, NJ
Lap Band on 09/07/07 with
I'm very interested in this.
on 1/5/12 7:13 am - Pitman, NJ
Depending on where and when, I'd love to come..would also mention it at our two support group meeting when more information is available...


14 pounds lost before surgery. My first ticker is when I hit onderland: this was my goal when I started on this journey.  I want to focus on that right now...once I get there I can reevaluate.

My second ticker is my dream goal. Even if I only visit there for a short time, it would be nice to see that number just once.  I am pretty sure I'll need plastics to hit this goal.

Sheri A.
on 1/5/12 8:34 am
If you are interested, Donna DeMild will be at this Saturday's support group meeting in Scotch Plains, 10am to discuss her webinars and seminars on Weight Re-Gain and Success Habits.
on 1/12/12 1:19 pm - Browns Mills, NJ
I would love to go!
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