Could someone tell me where to finda good support group in Monmouth county

on 4/29/13 5:20 am - Aberdeen, NJ


Its been years since I have been on. I am 6 years out from RNY. I have had many struggles with my surgery and I am in need of a good support group and gastro doctor who will work with post gastric pt's who have had difficulties and understand their needs.

If anyone can guide me that would be great!!!




on 6/13/13 10:20 am - Lakewood, NJ

Hello Lois

I believe that there is still a group that meets at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch ... it is associated with a Dr Borao's office there and has the Nurse practitioner, Psychologist, and Dietician that usually attend the meetings. We did have a group in Toms River and Lakewood ... but the interest in the last yearplus  has not been strong, and it was strictly volunteer run and there were not too many new people attending. I am also over 7 years out and miss the meetings. Try the Monmouth Medical Meetings on the 4th Thursday of each month in Monmouth Medical Center in Stanley 212 and 214 rooms.

Good Luck ... hope that it will be helpful!

Michael Rosen

on 6/13/13 12:16 pm - Aberdeen, NJ

Thank you very much!

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