Has anyone used Dr. Brolin in NJ for their Sleeve Surgery?

on 3/23/15 1:59 am, edited 3/23/15 5:51 am

All of the reviews that I have read are at least 5 years old and most are for Bypass, so I was wondering if anyone had Dr. Brolin do their Sleeve surgery, and if they had any complications?  Also how was University Medical Center at Princeton?   I haven't been there before (although they are a Center of Excellence).

Any info or advise would be very helpful!  Thank you!

on 3/24/15 10:31 am - NJ
VSG on 03/26/15

I was going to see him but after research decided on Dr. Nusbaum instead.  I read a lot of reviews and just felt more comfortable with him.  I am having revision and wanted someone with a lot of experience in that area.  You can do a search by name up on the blue line with the magnifying glass.  Good luck to you. 




Nicole H.
on 4/27/15 11:11 pm
Nicole H.
on 4/27/15 11:12 pm

I am going for my 1st consultation with Dr. Brolin! Unfortunately I do not have insurance that will cover the surgery due to my employer not having the benefit as part of our plan so I am a self-pay girl. 

RNY on 12/22/14

I used Bariatric Centers of NJ - Springfield.  They do surgery at Overlook and RWJ-Somerset.  I recommend them-I think they will work with you on costs.


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