Maybe there is no hope left

on 5/12/12 8:10 am - Alamogordo, NM
I don't even know if anyone comes to this forum anymore. I started my profile back in 2008. So as everyone can see this has been an ongoing issue for me. I am fusterated I feel like there is no hope left. I don't want to feel this way. I just want to be happy. Don't I deserve to feel that way? Maybe I need a friend or some kind of support system. I don't have any of the above. I feel all alone, on a journey with no end in sight.
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on 5/18/12 1:17 am - NM
 Hey, I am new here...I'm sorry you are feeling so frustrated and feel like there is no answer...I have just started a transformation myself and its going great, easier than I thought it would be, I also have friends nearby doing it with me so its fun to see everyones progress and help each other get through the ups and downs of weight loss...I would like to talk to you because I do believe that I can help you...if you would like to continue chatting repost or maybe we can find each other on FB as I am on there a whole lot more lol Hope to hear from you and keep your head high girl! 
on 5/25/12 4:33 am - Alamogordo, NM
Wow thanks, would love to hear more about what you and your friends are doing! Yes would love to connect on facebook as well.
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on 5/26/12 1:36 am - NM
 Ok I will message you on Facebook :)

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