Stage three diet

on 4/28/11 8:59 am - Canada
Hi folks,

I emailed Diana a few weeks ago about updating my health history on my referral since I now have severe sleep apnea. I didn't hear back from her so I emailed a second time. She did reply yesterday saying there is no need to update my hh since most referraled patients have sleep apnea. She told me to go on Stage three diet for 3 months!! I looked it up and it is an all liquid diet of 600 to 800 calories! Yikes does this sound drastic to anyone else.?
on 4/29/11 7:39 am - Brookfield. NS, Canada

3 months??? yikes. Perhaps she meant 3 weeks, I would double check with her on it.

I was told to go on the stage 3 for 2-3 weeks then go on stage 5, 1200 cal diet afterwards til I see them. I really can't see her meaning 3 months... poor soul must be so worked she is makin typos.



on 4/29/11 8:14 am - Canada
VSG on 05/26/14
Staying on that diet for 3 months and you wouldn't need the surgery  She must have made a mistake.  Email her and double check with her!!
on 4/29/11 8:56 am - Canada
Thanks girls I will double check with her I don't know if I can even stay on that for 3 WEEKS!!
on 4/29/11 8:59 am - Canada
Yeah i was told to go on the liquid diet for two weeks then follow the 1200 Cal diet the rest of the time. I lost 24lbs in two months! So yeah it must have been a typo!

what do you wanna be when you grow up little girl? i wanna be a loser and sit on the bench sir! (45 lbs lost pre op) 300lbs starting weight, currently 141lbs! Lowest has been 135lbs and hoping to get back to that.
on 4/29/11 9:15 am - Canada
Thanks Kitty We are waiting for pictures!
on 4/30/11 7:14 am - Riverview, Canada
I hope this was a mistake because in all honesty,  I would've been pissed if someone said that to me.  Although we are all grateful to be having this surgery, and don't want to say anything to diminish our chances, they are not gods.  
Carly ~
on 6/1/11 6:50 am, edited 6/1/11 6:52 am
 It certainly isn't a mistake -- Dianne told me the same thing, only said to go on it indefinitely.  She said that one of the patients waiting for WLS took it upon himself to go on the Stage 3 liquid diet, and actually now is no longer in need of WLS.
It really isn't a viable option for people.   We're suffering from this disease because of the amounts we eat.  Going on a 600 to 800 cal liquid diet indefinitely is not a solution.  It's rude, lacking compassion and at a total disregard for the struggles we face.
But I guess.. if she acts like a total B**ch to people who call for an update on when they may hear word of being cared for after many many years of waiting, it will deter them from calling back again.  Certainly worked for me.

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