surgeons for person with high bmi ?

on 9/6/12 6:02 pm - Winnipeg, Canada

I am new to OH and I do not meet the criteria for bariatric surgery in Manitoba ( bmi of less than 47 ).  My BMI is too high.  Does anyone know of any surgeons who will work with people with a BMI of 60 ?  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

on 9/7/12 9:04 pm - Canada
 Have you looked into Thunder Bay is or could that be an option for you? Thunder Bay is only an eight hour drive and because we do not have our own surgeon yet we travel to Hamilton via air travel which I believe is covered by a travel grant.
Respectfully Jane
 Respectfully Jane
on 9/8/12 5:21 am - Winnipeg, Canada
Thanks Jane,

I will look into that !


on 8/3/13 9:00 am - elliot lake, Canada
at.saint.josephs in toronto they is 58.1 but i think tht now if.u.have a bmi over 60 they a sleeve instead of rny, thay way they can.make revisions.if.needed....


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