Support groups on Long Island for VSG surgery

on 7/15/16 7:50 pm, edited 7/16/16 6:26 am
VSG on 08/18/16

Hi, just received my date for my surgery this coming August and looking for support from others that went through with the VSG Surgery. 

on 7/21/17 11:17 am

Hi I just had my vsg surgery on July 10, 2017 at mount sinai in manhattan, didn't have any problems but u will be sore at incision site for maybe a week, the first week is the toughest managing schedule of food and trying to drink enough liquids. You will have to sip water from a one ounce medicine cup, example cough syrup cup that comes with bottle, you will not be hungry at all just start slow and listen to all directions, operation will take away your cravings to eat, first day u will be thinking why did I do this but after first week taking vitamins and eating you will have to much energy and after my two week follow up visit lost 26 pounds, u will feel full after about 3 bites of food, don't worry if not eating at first, just drink as much low calorie gatorade as u can, and soon as u can start walking. It prevents complications. Hope u all the best on your new journey.

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