O.T. Migraine from hell!!!

Linda S.
on 3/22/11 11:50 am - Canada
Anyone else suffer with migraines? I have beeen getting them for about 25yrs. I am sick and in pain sometimes up to 15 days a month. Had all kinds of tests, tried all kinds of medication and right now what has been working for me is 2 extra strength Tylenol migraine and 2 extra strength fast acting Advil gel caps at the same time. Usually have to throw in some Gravol too, due to the gut rot. This time I was throwing up all day so no pills were working and then the pressure on my head from being sick made my pain unbelievable. Ended up at my docs begging for Demerol. Ending up getting  2 shots each of Demorol and Gravol. Feeling somewhat better, but not 100% yet. I'm a little worried about how to manage the pain after surgery.Any suggestions?
Thanks, Linda
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on 3/22/11 12:04 pm
You should get a referral to a neurologist- your migraines are not well managed it seems. Narcotics should be used as a last resort.
The best treatment for migraines are NSAIDS- so VSG is the only surgery I would agree to due to my severe migraines and need for NSAIDS. I take 3-200 mg Ibuprofen gel caps which usually work- sometimes I need the Triptans- special migraine meds. But as you know- sometimes nothing works.
I have reduced mine by clearing foods with preservatives out of my diet - but mostly due to lifestyle - not working long hours, eating meals regularily -getting enough sleep. Stress can cause migraine.
If you wish more info- PM me and I will share my info re VSG and migraine.
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Help a great kid.

Migraine sufferer - see my blog for help getting VSG
on 3/22/11 12:04 pm
Right now I take 2 Tylenol#3 and 2 Advil Gel Caps when my migraines strike so I'm in the same boat, what am I gonna do post-op? Someone here told me about a nasal spray called Migranal that she takes and it works really well. I'm going to ask my doctor for a script the next time I see her. Also she takes Tramacet which is acetaminophen based. I have tried that with not much luck but it might work for you. I take one of the triptan family meds called Relpax, I don't think it is as well known as Imitrex but it works well for me but I go the tylenol3/advil route first as the Relpax are pricey and my insurance company won't cover too many of them. Possibly you need to be on a daily medication for migraine prevention. Um can't think of what my doctor and I talked about me taking, I decided against it because I get cluster migraines for 2 or 3 days a month but not every month and I didn't want to be taking a daily medication. There are a bunch of different meds that can act to prevent migraines, if your doctor hasn't looked at this option I think you need to suggest it because 15 days a month is too much to be suffering with migraines.


Linda S.
on 3/22/11 1:34 pm - Canada
Thank you for the replies. I have and still do take Triptans. Also I've seen a neurologist and take 2 anti-depressants for prevention. Sometimes, especially in the spring they are unmanageable.
I would like to have the VSG so I can continue to take NSAIDS.
Thanks, Linda
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Monica M.
on 3/22/11 8:59 pm - Penetanguishene, Canada
if they're unmanageable, especially in the spring, perhaps they're allergy related? maybe you should take antiallergens (whatever brand) on a daily basis. Can't hurt.

on 3/22/11 4:36 pm, edited 3/22/11 4:37 pm - Canada
 I've had migraines for years (over 25) and have never relied solely on NSAIDS - so losing them when I had my RNY wasn't a big deal. Annoying but I've  always had migraines that NSAIDS just don't touch. Louise here is lucky that  most of her's aren't that painful and that NSAIDS can cure them. I do agree with her that NSAIDS are a great first line therapy for migraines and I'm so happy they work for her the majority of the time. If only we were all so lucky. . Migraines that require demerol are defininitely very severe. 

When i wanted to get my migraines under control got a referral to  a neurologist who worked with me to stop the migraines from happening!  We tried  various prophylactic drugs (why have a migraine if you can avoid it - that theory worked for me).  He also had me record info on my migraines and diet to see if there were changes I could make. I strongly suggest that you look into getting a consultation with a neuro and working on the causes of your migraines (idenfitying and eliminating migraine triggers from your life)  and then if that doesn't limit their frequency enough working with your neuro to find a prophylactic medication that lessons the number of migraines you have. That was a godsend for me. I went from having nearly daily headaches to having one or two a month.  

My neuro then worked with me and found a combination of drugs that worked for me.For my milder migraines Ibruprofin worked nicely - but I was never able to say that threated my migraines. It helped some of them. . He then moved me to triptans to try to control the very painful migraines (like imitrex - though there are so many in this class now I can't list them all). Seeing that gave me very serious side effects triptans are now on my "allergic list".  

So we tried some other stuff and migranal is now my choice of drug for migraines of any significant severity. It is fine to take after RNY and its absorption route bipasses the stomach totally.  Its a drug you sniff. Works quickly especially when I use it early on in the process. And can often avert the pain entirely. 

Seeing i can't take IB anymore i now take tramacet which is even better than what the NSAIDs were for me for the less dehabilitating migraines. If you are needing Demerol obviously your migraines are more severe than a simple NSAID can cure. . The thing I've long known about migraines is that each person  has different triggers and our bodies are different and we need different therapies. 

Some other random advice - treat at the first sign of migraine. Don't wait til it is fully established. Work hard on avoiding triggers and get a neurologist involved who can really work with you to deal with this serious issue. Over the counter medications when you are debilitated half the month really don't cut it. 

Sometimes the best support  you can get isn't all purple puddles and pink rainbows.

on 3/22/11 8:53 pm
Hi Linda

I went the route of DebraLight....I had migraines from early childhood thru to WLS - 15 a month was about the number for me also - getting older certainly helped relieve the frequency - but also losing so much weight has helped my migraine frequency, duration and severity

I tried Migranol....and it helped me also.....but what helped the best was lifestyle changes - especially wls

Good luck with it







on 3/23/11 2:16 am - Canada
Hey Linda, I knew you were suffering a migraine since you didn't go to coffee last night.
Sorry Girl, hope you feel better soon.
Linda S.
on 3/23/11 4:28 am - Canada
Thank you all for your replies. I have never tried migranal  tramacet or debra light. I have some more info. to work with and try. Thanks again for your time.
Thanks, Linda
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(deactivated member)
on 3/23/11 7:24 am - Guelph, Canada
 because of my drug allergies and intolerance's I found Axert (Almotriptan) works best for me... My migraines are weather related and menstrual related
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