Can't Sleep at night or Nap

on 5/29/11 4:20 pm - Cambridge, Canada
Hi all,

I am 5 days out and I can't seem to sleep.  I'm up half the night and I don't nap either.
I feel hyper and then exhausted but can't sleep. 
Did anyone experience this?  Is my body just out of wack? This can't be good for the healing process.
Can we take anything?
I guess I should check with Guelph, I'm exhausted but can't sleep.


Dr. Reed
VSG May 24/2011

Andrew Thompson
on 5/29/11 8:22 pm - Canada
Yes. I was buzzed afterward. I took some tylenol they sent home with me. Peadatric 3? Helped knocked me out for the evening. Only had to do it twice.

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Geri T.
on 5/29/11 8:39 pm - Blenheim, Canada
Hi Char

No your body is not wacked, welcome to the wonderfuly side effects of post surgery.  I look at it that my body will finally rest when it needs it.  I too was like that after surgery, mine lasted about 2 weeks before I was able to get back in a regular sleep pattern and sleep through the night again, properly. 

The good thing is, when you are up in the middle of the night and can't sleep, as least you have control the remote

on 5/29/11 10:53 pm - Vaughan, Canada
 Talk to your Dr. May be you can get smth herbal.
on 5/29/11 11:42 pm - Cambridge, Canada
I was the same way just after surgey.. Body couldnt relax and sleep. It will pass..LOL

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Joyce J.
on 5/30/11 12:22 am - Scarborough, Canada
Hi Char

It will change, just give it time. It took me a couple of weeks

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Leslie W.
on 5/30/11 8:46 am - Cobourg, Canada
You can always try a gravol. As a prior shift worker it helps from time to time to make you drowsy. The anesthetic plays havoc with your system more than the actual surgery. Just takes a few weeks to get out of your system.Practice good sleep hygiene. Go to bed a regular times.
Just trust that it will pass.
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Jennifer D.
on 5/30/11 9:00 am, edited 5/29/11 9:01 pm
After my open RNY I swear I was going mad. I couldn't get enough sleep and it was driving me crazy. My doctor prescribed Ativan sublingual - just .5)It helped. Looking back, knowing what I know now, I think the pain meds were having a bad effect (morphine pills).
on 5/31/11 1:51 am - Canada
I had trouble too, and finally adjusted how I slept in bed.  I made a big nest of pillows so my shoulders and head were semi elevated, and then made a pile under my knees to keep me from sliding down and to get my back flat / take the pressure off my abodominal muscles.  Also had pillows at my sides to keep my upper arms elevated a little.  This seemed to take the pressure off my abdomine and I was able to relax my body better.  Sleep came finally, and I slept  like this for almost six weeks.  For the first 3 weeks I was also up for at least 2 hours in a chair every night.  Now - no problem. 
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