Saw Dr. Reed - but no date yet

Linda S.
on 7/20/11 1:44 am - Canada
Great,  thanks.
Thanks, Linda
1) Referral - June 26/10                           4) 2nd. meeting with same - Feb.2/11
2) Orientation - Dec.9/10
3) Met with S.W. Nurse, Diet. - Dec.14/10

(deactivated member)
on 7/20/11 6:42 am
Hi Linda,
I have read your posts regarding NSAIDS, migraines and VSG.  I am not sure what I can offer you with respect to decision making for surgery.   There are so many migraine treatments out there that don't require the use of NSAIDS.  As well, if you are reliant on Nsaids for migraine treatment, in cases of RNY and Nsaids you can take a PPI prior to the NSAID use.  I believe that Dr. Reed would have indicated that during your  surgical consult.    It may be worthwhile to revisit your neurologist to explore some of the other possibilities for migraine prophylaxis and/or symptomatic treatment.

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