Do you wish you could have had a VSG?

Linda S.
on 8/4/11 12:36 pm - Canada
Just wondering if you had the choice, would you have had the VSG instead of RNY and why?
Thanks, Linda
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Linda C.
on 8/4/11 1:37 pm
I actually had a choice - because I was taking an anti-inflamatory on a daily basis.  I chose to stop taking the anti-inflamatory and go with the RNY.  I wanted the malabsorption, plus food moving more quickly through my system.  Although the malabsorption effect tends to fade out after about 18 months, I wanted to capitalize on it for that length of time.  Now, I will never be able to take any NSAIDs after the surgery, but there are some alternatives that can be used.

Linda C.
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on 8/4/11 8:38 pm - Canada
I did choose the VSG because I was very concerned about not being able to take NSAIDS after surgery.  I was warned that my weight loss would not likely be as great and that the malabsorption helps improve long term results as well.  I am very happy with my choice and although I may never make it into "normal" range of weight, I am very happy with my results thus far and still losing slowly.  I would recommend a sleeve for anyone *****quires NSAIDS on a regular basis or who is concerned about the malabsorption for other reasons. 
Karen M.
on 8/4/11 10:16 pm, edited 8/4/11 10:17 pm - Mississauga, Canada
No. Reason being that my metabolism was so screwed up by the time I had surgery, my body needed a malabsorptive procedure to re-set it. Of course, no one can say for sure how they would have done with any other surgery than what they received. Based on my successful results, I believe I made the right decision.



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on 8/4/11 11:44 pm
I have a VSG and made it to goal in 10 ten months.  I was a volume eater and felt that the restriction would be enough, and it is.  I couldn't be happier with my choice.  You really have to study your options and see which would be best for you individually.

Good luck!

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on 8/6/11 2:40 pm
I had no choice VSG was my only option because of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. . . I would have preferred to have an RNY. . .I guess we want what we can't have. . .its human nature.  I am 2 years out and have lost close to 200 pounds. . .

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