Post op diet for VSG

Linda S.
on 9/7/11 12:13 am - Canada
I was just wondering the difference (if there is one) between the
VSG and RNY post op diets.
Thanks, Linda
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Mike Terry
on 9/7/11 1:41 am - Staffa, Canada
  I see you are going through Guelph. There is no difference.
on 9/7/11 3:00 am

I haven't seen different post op diets for these surgeries but my surgeon said to accelerate the stages with my VSG.  All in all, low carb, high protein still is most important, but as most people with VSG's don't dump, we can eat sugar and fats (limited of course, to remain low carb and because we get full very fast), that might make someone with an RNY dump.  It is both a blessing and a curse in a way for some people.  I didn't feel that I needed the possibility of dumping to be successful as I have never been a sweets kind of person.  There is nothing, in small quantities, that I can't enjoy or have any problem with, but naturally I try to eat healthy a high percentage of the time.  I hope this helps.

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on 9/7/11 7:32 am - Cambridge, Canada
 I went through Guelph and our post op is exactly the same as RNY.  We follow the same rules.
Hope this helps.


Dr. Reed
VSG May 24/2011

on 9/7/11 9:42 am - Canada
My surgery was at Guelph and post op/assessment through Windsor.  I was told that my post op was the same up to the three month point when I was supposed to get back to a "normal" balance of foods with at least two food groups included at every snack or three food groups at meals.  I still eat many more "snacks" because carbs seem to make me hungrier.  I LOVE my sleeve and have no regrets with my choice.
on 9/8/11 12:07 pm
We all follow the same diet.  I find that I can eat anything without any problems but found that I can hold a little more and drink a little more.  If you overdue it you will still feel it. At 8 weeks out I find anything more than 4 - 5 ounces leaves me feeling too full.  I don't break the pills as absorbtion is not a problem, I crushed for the first 4 weeks and then started them whole.  You have to really record what you eat daily to "keep it honest".  Because sweets don't bother you just get in the habit of staying away from them.  Sweets and bad carbs could be a really easy habit to get back into. 
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