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on 3/6/12 10:03 pm
I have read several different things on the boards here..So I am confused..When do you find out if you are excepted for surgery?? Before you have your last appointment with the post op nutrition class or when you see the doctor and buy your optifast?? I am going to meet with the doctor in Guelph tomorrow and I don't even know if I am excepted yet?? Can anyone please let me know how this works????
Monica M.
on 3/6/12 10:05 pm - Penetanguishene, Canada
If you're meeting with the doctor, then you're accepted. it's a matter of having the right BMI. If you havent been told that you're not appropriate for the program, then you're in.
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on 3/6/12 10:30 pm
I am also getting confused because I am hearing different things both off and on this site. I am wondering why there isn't a standard process?  Don't the centers need to report to the MOLTHC on what their process is with their patients. (keeping in mind that some people have other matters that need to be addressed.)

I would like to see the process in black and white so that I know what is next?

If anyone can answer these questions I would appreciate the help as well.
Monica M.
on 3/6/12 10:41 pm - Penetanguishene, Canada
i think that there is a standard process, but each centre individualizes it according to their own protocol.
on 3/6/12 10:43 pm - Port Rowan, Canada
Techinically the surgeon has the last right of refusal, and can still tell you that you can't have surgery.  However, if that were going to happen you would already have a really good indication of that.  Otherwise, as Monica said, if you have made it to the point where you are seeing the surgeon then you have qualified.  The only reason for denial at this point would be that you just aren't safe to operate on...for your own well being the surgeon could decide doing the surgery puts you in more risk than being obese does.  Those reasons might include a past history with excessive amounts of surgery in the abdomen creating too much scar tissue, problems with anaethesia, or other medical problems that make surgery risky. 

A couple of things have changed since I had my surgery in Guelph, so the step by step process is a bit different, but if I can be of any help, don't hesitate to PM me.


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Diminishing Dawn
on 3/7/12 4:42 am - Windsor, Canada
 It's actually quite simple.  You get approval from each person you meet. The dietician, endo , social worker who approve you according to their guidelines for change and health.  The surgeon has the last approval based on medical safety.

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on 3/7/12 5:54 am - Canada
each person will have a slightly or vastly different experience.

My mother and I both went through the same program through Ontario, however she did it through Humber and I did it through Toronto Western and although they were similar they were different.

In her case, she had additional blood testing done because she had some pre-existing conditions. She also had to have a stress test because her knees were bad and she was a premature baby at birth and her lung capacity is weak and always has been.

I on the other hand needed no additional blood work or a stress test, however through the routine preparation testing they found out I have severe restless leg syndrome and not the sleep apnea they thought it was going to be at all. So this required me to go for extra sleep testing over night at the clinic. Additionally I have general anxiety disorder and take time release medication for it, so I had additional consulting with a pharmacist and my GP.

We also were 20 years apart in age. Age is always going to be a factor.

She's 5 foot, I'm 5, 9....this is a factor.

Our BMI's were very different.

In all, we both went through the program step by step. I was able to fast track a little bit faster as I had my first appointment in September and surgery in December and this is because I live 10 minutes from the hospital and could pick up last minute appointments that would open up. She was a bit slower going through but she lived over an hour from her clinic. This can make a big difference in the way you go through the program.

At any rate...YES, typically the last meeting is with the surgeon and ideally this is the day they let you know when you'll have your operation, however if they see something they want more information on, then they may hold off until everything is in check.

The delays are not to hold anyone up or frustrate, it's simply to ensure you'll make it through your surgery and be able to walk for your recovery which is all very important. At each session you have, it approves the progression of the next.

Also don't fret when you do something or eat/drink something during your opti or post op mom's program let them eat things like cucumber and lettuce with vinegar (no oil) while taking opti, while my program didn't allow it at all.

My adivse:

It doesn't mean one is better than the other, it's just that the programs vary and ultimately these little differences have little or no impact anyway, so just do what your doctors tell you to do and listen to others in your program. Looking for too much advise on the forums can be discouraging and confusing also. Try and rely on your program and others in it as much as you can. Also remember that peoples opinions vary based on when they had their surgery. Some that are now 3 or 4 years post op still wouldn't dare eat a wrap, but for me, 3 months post op, it's being suggested by the dietitian because the studies have changed. Keep your mind open and be careful who you get your information from because someone can make you feel horrible for doing something they wouldn't like eating a friggin grape or a wrap! lol But remember you are you and they are them and you do what you need to do from your doctors and let them talk to theirs.

Best of luck!

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