on 4/4/14 12:37 am

has anyone been suggested to take elemental zinc to help with hair loss and has it helped?


on 4/4/14 1:30 am
RNY on 12/05/13

I was just called yesterday about my zinc being low.  I was told to take 10 mg a day - I hope this works because I am losing hair like crazy.

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Katie M.
on 4/4/14 1:39 am - Georgetown, Canada
RNY on 10/18/13

I was told to take zinc as well, though it didn't seem to help my hair loss one tiny bit :\ I feel like I've lost 50% of my hair! But some good news, I am almost six months out and it has started to slow down a lot - I am also noticing little spikey re-growth hairs all over my head! So it will come back, and you won't lose it all... Try not to let it freak you out too much ;) 

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on 4/4/14 5:36 am

im almost at 7mos and i have lost about 50% of my hair also. no regrowth as of yet :-(

was told to take 50mg of zinc for a month, that's it. hoping it does something!


on 4/4/14 6:52 am - Canada

Hey me too about 50% loss and was at the dermatologist today and he said not to bother that it will come back but the loss is due to the stress of the surgery.  I asked about vitamines and he said time was the best cure.  Interestingly he did say to be kind to any new growth by using gental products, no perms or hair dyes.  He recommended a product for my nails also but the pharmacy has to order it in as they did not have any.  My nails are splitting and really soft.  I think I will try the zinc, someone posted last week about having to much zinc I wonder if they had or have hair loss? 

 Respectfully Jane
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