4 year appt was cancelled due to Understaffing at Humber... Nope... Not today

on 10/23/21 6:47 pm

I had surgery in 2017 so I qualify for annual checkups/calls for 5 years. I took off work last week in preparation for my 4 year call. They called me one day before and left a message as I couldn't get to the phone and told me in so many words that they are only funded for two yaers and they are understaffed. As a result they cancelled my appointment. They encouraged me to book an appointment with my family doctor and if that wasn't possible they could book me in but not until January or February. ARGH!

Ummm... I KNOW I have funding for 5 years. I also know that funding changed to 2 years 2 years ago and that I'm still under the program. I also know that it's extremely problematic for these types of cancellation calls going out a day before my appointment. Finally, for them to advise for this to let this land with my general practitioner is soooo annoying. But hey we can book you in for January or February is so annoying. If I knew then what I know now, I would never have gotten RNY. Period. Yes. My fault. Open mouth, insert food + REGAIN. This is not what I was expecting! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Sooooo annoyed right now.

So I called back and left a message. Because they NEVER answer. I told them I was disappointed about the cancellation, especially when I took off work in anticipation of the call. I also told them I'm entitiled to my 4 and 5 year check ins and that I'm looking forward to hearing back from them with my new appointment date. Oh hell no. Not today.

Thanks and have a great day.

RNY Oct. 27/17. HW 289; SW 285; GW 144; LW: 161 CW: 196 FML: Fighting regain :(

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