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on 10/11/11 8:19 pm - PA
RNY on 11/23/09 with
Good Morning Pa.,
Woke up early, am getting the last of my stuff together so I can finish packing the car when my daughter come home from work with it.  Headed back down to Tn. for some R&R.  Being with the kids by myself for 8 days while they were on a cruise took a little out of me, and homework with my special needs grandson, well I just need some time to myself with little to no drama for a change.  The baby is nearly totally potty trained, which I started while they were away, she was ready I guess or it would not have been so easy.
So today will consist of making lunches for the grands, dropping them off at school, gassing up the car, and I am off for 5 to 6 days of peace and quiet.
Need to search out someone in Tn. to finish putting in new windows.  I was doing one room at a time, and tried to contact the guy I had installing them with no luck.  (I was only paying for ones that were completed thank goodness)  I found out from someone else down there he was arrested for armed robbery.(WT???)  Guess I will now turn to Angies List to find someone to finish the job. 
Hope everyone has a great week.
Hugs, Ena

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IdaMae D.
on 10/11/11 8:33 pm - Philadelphia, PA
Good Morning PA & Ena;
Ena enjoy your "you time".  Good luck with your search to find a new window installer.

Gene and I both fell asleep early last night.  I work up around 10 and headed up to bed after my nap.  Both our bodies must be telling us we needed to take a rest.

Today I'm working till 4, I do have training all afternoon, and am leaving early.  Tonight we are heading over to NJ for the viewing of my ex -brother in laws lady friend.  She had a massive heart attack Friday night, early Saturday morning and died in his arms. 

Hopefully the rains that are predicted for today will not do as much damage to the house, we are hoping we have most of the flooding issue solved we shall see.

Have a great day....



Lisa H.
on 10/11/11 9:32 pm - Whitehall, PA
 Morning Ena.. hope you can enjoy your peace and quiet.  You sure deserve it after all the time you've been spending with the grands.  I know you enjoy the time, but I'm sure it got to be a lot after awhile.  

Guess what?!?!?   I GOT MY ARSE TO THE GYM LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!   I haven't been there in who knows how long.  I have been feeling very sorry for myself for not going, but instead of doing something about it, I was just making excuses like I work too much and can't get there for a class.  Yesterday I went and did 30 minutes on a spin bike and then went to Pilates and got a good stretch.    Of course, since I have not gone, I was woken up at 4 AM with pain in my thighs.  But, I took some Advil (with Pepcid) and I seem to be okay now.    I don't have to work tonight, either, so I am going to try to get there again today to do SOMETHING.  We were invited to a friend's to help decorate her sukkah, but I think I need the gym more than I need the friend time.  Maybe I can manage both.. we'll see. 

After work, Siehara has Bat Mitzvah tutoring.  We are going early today since today is the first day of Sukkot www.jewfaq.org/holiday5.htm  In my house, the first day really doesn't mean much, but in her house, it does.  So, we will work around her.  The Bat Mitzvah is coming and Siehara does not know her Torah portion yet.  While she is there, I am going to go to Target and Weis to pick up a few things.   When she is done, I'll decide if we are going to head up to my friends' or not.  

Other than that, nothing going on.  Have a great day everyone

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Patricia R.
on 10/11/11 10:19 pm - Perry, MI
 Good Morning Ena and PA Peeps,
Sounds like you definitely earned some R&R.  Grandkids are definitely a blessing, but also exhausting.  I only have two, and one on the way, and I know how tired I get after a day with my Munchkins.

My surgery went well yesterday.  The Barix nurses and my podiatrist are the best.  I was out like a light before I even knew it, and woke up in post-op wondering when I was going to go to OR.  My doctor called me last night to check on me, which he had not done March, at least I don't remember if he did.  He reminded me that if I needed help, I could call 24/7.  He also reminded me that the first night is the worst.  

I have an appointment I must keep this morning.  I tried to get it for after I am better, and couldn't.  Since I can't drive for a few weeks, a dear friend is driving me.  

I hope everyone has a great day.


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on 10/11/11 10:45 pm - Boothwyn, PA
Take care Trish - glad your surgery went well. Keep us posted on how you're doing - good thoughts and prayers coming your way. Kathy

'One shoe can change your life'...Cinderella
on 10/11/11 10:52 pm - Boothwyn, PA
Good morning all - been MIA the last few days - it was a whirlwind trip to Florida and back - got in late last night. Good trip - got to see my brother - he seems to be doing pretty well - was a little pale the first night I saw him but yesterday he had more color and said he felt pretty good.

Think I found our Florida home - of course I thought that before only to have the deal fall through, so while I am excited I'm trying to temper my excitement just in case something falls through again. Didn't find one in my sister's development - looked at one for sale by owner only to find out that he actually can't sell it yet because it was his parents and the estate won't be settled for several months - so why have the house for sale NOW? Second one I looked at just needed too much work - hubby and I are not handy at all and would have to hire out to bring the house up to what I like in a house, and the expense just wouldn't be worth it.

After viewing 10 houses with a realtor yesterday I found one that I really, really like - it's like a little doll house - adorable. In a 55+ community which is what we want - single home - single story - 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, Florida room, big garage. It sounds much bigger than it is - built in '93 with one owner. Community has a clubhouse, pool, tennis, shuffleboard (hey, it's Florida) - but the nicest ammenity is a 5 mile walking path that goes right behind the house we're looking to buy. I love to walk with the dog and this is perfect. So we'll probably decide on what we want to offer today and I'll contact the realtor and get the ball rolling.

This weekend is our community yard sale and I am NOT ready but I do have things I need to get rid of so hopefully I can get some stuff out for that.

OK - sorry for rambling...hope everyone stays warm and dry today.


'One shoe can change your life'...Cinderella
Laureen S.
on 10/12/11 1:28 am - Maple Shade, NJ

You are so not rambling, I am reading your post and wishing that I could find something like that and retire myself (lol). . .  Wishing you the best this time around. . .

Hugs, Laureen

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Patricia R.
on 10/12/11 8:56 am - Perry, MI
 The house sounds perfect for you.  I hope you are able to get it.  Keep us posted.  Feel free to ramble all you want.  Better to ramble than eat.


Seek always to do some good, somewhere. Every man has to seek in his own way to realize his true worth. You must give some time to your fellow man. For remember, you don't live in a world all your own. Your brothers are here too.
Albert Schweitzer

on 10/11/11 10:59 pm
Good Morning Ena and PA!!

Ena, enjoy your time away!! Sounds like you need it!!

Yesterday was a busy day, but today should hopefully not be too bad. I work both jobs then home to pick up the child, dinner, homework, bath and bed!

I know, I know....soooo exciting!!
Have a great day!!
Love to all, Beth

on 10/11/11 11:47 pm - Philadelphia, PA
 I am having a MAJOR anxiety attack right now.  I am tearing up and trying to keep it together for my students, but it is not working.  The entire morning was so ****** up and I was stuck in the auditorium with about 400 students who were loud and unruly.  I can NOT handle the chaos in my current state so I walked out.  Came up to my classroom and waited for a phone call to take my students to the gym for a guiness book of world record jumping jack thing.  I tried my damndest to find a calm place within myself, and am not yet capable of that.  So I was called to take the kids to the gym, a much smaller room with about 250-300 kids.  Jumping, yelling, giggling, a TON of noise in a very small space.  I couldn't take it.  I was not able to talk to anyone and now, it is an hour after we were supposed to be in school and I am JUST now starting my day.  I am truly considering leaving for the day.  I am tearing up again.    It takes me too long to come out of one of these episodes.

Oh, and when I got my mail this morning, there was a note from the principal stating that I was to have handed in some student work yesterday when the calendar specifically states that 8th grade is to be turned in today.  So, needless to say I am pissed at that as well.  you can be sure I will bring THAT to her attention!

Otherwise, I am going to try to pull my **** together and get on with the day - even though it is all messed up.  I have NO patience.  The kids are actually SILENT in my room right now.  I think they are a little afraid of me.  And I am finding NO joy in that.  Not even in a sarcastic way.  After school, I am going to pick up Molly and take her to a high school open house for one of the schools she is considering going to next year.  In my district the 8th graders have about 50 different schools to choose from,  It is like picking a college.  There are fairs, open houses and counselors who come to try to sell their program.  It is kind of neat.  They will be ready for the college choice when it comes around to it!

Then Larry is home tonight and I am trying to be happy about it.  We shall see.
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