Wild Wednesday Roll Call

on 12/13/11 2:37 pm - PA
Good Morning Pa.,
It will be wild this am for me.  No sleep again.  Just to much on my mind I guess.  Yesterday was a good day, went and had my hair colored, and a new style, also went for a makeup consult at a department store.  Doing what makes me happy for a change and not someone else. (how selfish of me)
None of the kids wanted to get up yesterday, including the 2 year old, it's pretty bad when you go in to wake her up and she rolls over and says "no, one more minute".  I hope they sleep better tonight so wake up will not be as bad this am.
Today will find me going through the few things I removed from the house to repack to take to Tn. and move them from the garage to the shed so we can park the van in the garage so we don't have to deal with the frost on the widows.
Take care of some issues with the domestic drama, and hopefully get it moving.  Then picking up a few gift cards to finish up my shopping.  That's about it for me.  (how boring my day will be)
Hope everyone has a good one, those facing issues I wish you peace in dealing with them.

"Journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."




on 12/13/11 8:57 pm - Boothwyn, PA
Good morning Ena and PA - Ena, good for you for having a day for yourself! As a mom I'm sure the last thing anyone could accuse you of being is selfish!! But sometimes you just need to take the time (and the money) to do something special for yourself - especially at this stressful time of year, so I'm glad you did it. It's terrible that we have to feel guilty for making some time just for ourselves, isn't it.

I'm at work - getting harder and harder to get up and moving these days - don't know if I'm just ready for vacation or what. I feel like a slug lately.

I did manage to get 3 boxes packed last night and one big bag 'o trash cleaned out, so that felt good, but not nearly as good as when my neighbor stopped by to tell us how much his brother and future s-i-l LOVED our house and are going to pre-approval for a mortgage!! So we're really keeping our fingers crossed that we can reach an agreement on the price and get is sold.

Not much else going on today - going shopping at lunch but not for myself - sort of being a 'personal shopper' for someone else. Hey, works for me - I get to shop, which I love - and spend somebody else's money!!

Enjoy the day - Kathy

'One shoe can change your life'...Cinderella
on 12/13/11 9:29 pm - Philadelphia, PA
 Hi Ena and all of PA!  Ena - wow, I bet you thought that when the kids moved out of the house you'd be done huh?!?! :)  I know I depended on my mom a lot when she was alive, I have learned to do more things on my own since I lost her - but it was a HUGE lift knowing that my mom was around to help with the day to day stuff!

Today is my observation day! :)  I am ready - and not nervous!  I love what I do and am back to having fun doing it.  That was my big epiphany last night.  I was talking with a friend about my observation today and it occurred to me that all the stealing and lieing crap that wend on last month is truly behind me because it is fun again!  That gave me a smile!  I am back to 6.5 hours of enjoying my day!  (home has been much better too - and therefore my mood swings have been more under control - not perfect yet, but definitely moving in the right direction!)

School today, supposed to have a dentist appointment this afternoon to replace a filling that MAY or MAY NOT have been causing me pain last week.  I am feeling no more pain and am thinking that I don't want to have any unecessary dental work so I think I am going to cancel and just ride it out until my cleaning in the next few weeks.  All I really HAVE to do is get to the market for a few things.  I may get my nails done as one of them has been broken since Sunday and I have not had any time to get there.  Then home tonight for the duration.  Need to help Molly finish her Science Fair Board and make it look pretty!  (I AM gifted like that after all! :))

Hope your Wednesday is a good one all! :)
on 12/13/11 10:11 pm
GM Ena and PA!!

Kathy, I am with you in the it is getting harder and harder to get up in the morning...Hubby started his new schedule today so he was already gone by the time I got up :-( Hopefully things will change in the new year for the better!!

Today is work, I have rehearsals in the afternoon so I will be extra stressed over that! Then off to the second job. I think I will leave a bit early because I have a GYN appointment, Oh Joy! this evening. Grab something to eat, go home, and collapse because tomorrow is ANOTHER day?!?!

Have a great one!!
Love to all, Beth

Lisa H.
on 12/13/11 11:17 pm - Whitehall, PA
  Morning all... Ena, I'm sure you have a lot on your mind between the domestic stuff and the kiddos.  I'm proud of you for doing something for yourself.  We all deserve that sometimes and don't do it for ourselves.  I got my nails, toes and eyebrows done on Monday in preparation for Neil's party on Friday and it felt sooooo good.  I only cringed a little when she told me how much it was because I knew I deserved it. 

Today has me in calls and training for Aetna.   I did find out that the change in position will not include a pay increase because it is considered a lateral move.  I am disappointed, but there is really nothing I can do.  When I replied, I said that I understand with the hope that as I become the subject matter expert that it will change.  I think my point was made in a professional way.

Tonight is Dress Barn... grateful to be getting in the hours there, as well as the overtime.  It is allowing me to catch up on bills and also feel comfortable with being able to give Siehara a decent Hanukkah.

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