New to Dresher PA - Mondauk Common

Joy B.
on 7/31/12 9:22 am - MD
RNY on 06/04/12
Hello i am new to the area from Maryland.

I ahve been walking on the track that is on Suaquhanna Road at Mondauk Common.

Anyonw walk there, can I join you.
Lisa H.
on 7/31/12 8:30 pm - Whitehall, PA
 Hi Joy, I don't live in that area, but wanted to welcome you to the PA board.  Share your journey with us! We love to have new people around.

My tracker


Laureen S.
on 7/31/12 10:16 pm - Maple Shade, NJ

Hi Joy,

I live in NJ, but participate on this board as my state board is not very active, this one has become less active of late, but there a many people who pop in and out that are very supportive, hopefully you will find a walking buddy.  But wanted to give you a big old welcome to the PA Forum!!!


My Mantra is that I do not determine my success by the number hanging in my closet, nor will I let the scale determine that success either. . .  It is through trial and error I will continue to grow and succeed. . .  Laureen

"Success is a journey, not a destination."  Ben Sweetland

on 8/12/12 4:13 am - Douglassville, PA
Hi Joy,

I run at this park twice a week. I am a physical training instructor with the Temple U police and ranger academy and I bring the recruits to the park for PT. We are there at 7:45 AM - 9:30 AM. If you see us there please introduce yourself.

Hoping to see you on the trail.

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