megan pagliughi
on 12/4/13 2:55 pm - larksville, PA

Hi has anyone had their surgery in Danville pa I am looking into a revision and i had my surgery in hershey which is way to far and expensive to travel for me now...i am just wondering how geisinger is...also if anyone has had a revision i am not sure where to even start any help would greatly be appreciated

Patricia R.
on 12/5/13 9:41 am - Perry, MI

Hi there,

I don't know much about Geisinger Danville, as I had my surgery at Barix in Langhorne.  When I was researching my surgery, I found a page here on OH about the different hospitals I was considering.  It had feedback from OH members on their individual experiences at each one.  Helped me tremendously.

I don't know anything about revisions.  I'm seven years from my surgery date, and my pouch still works just fine.

Good luck,


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Lois G.
on 12/28/13 9:50 am - Ashland, PA

Hi Trish             I had at Geisinger in 2007 with Dr. Petrick....very happy with him......and the whole program...I think we may have met, I use to come down to your meetings once a month inPhila....I am in Florida now for nine months out of the year....great drs down here too.....you can call me if you want to talk         5708754119      Lois

Lois G.
on 12/28/13 9:53 am - Ashland, PA

Megan,   had my surgery at Geisinger seven years ago this april.....good place.....want to talk you can call me......5708754119      Lois

on 12/29/13 6:53 am - PA
VSG on 05/13/13

Hey there! I had my sleeve done with Dr. Gabrielsen in Danville in May. I thought the care was great - no complaints here. Everything seemed to work really well in the supervised diet process as well as post-op care. Feel free to ask any questions!

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