Gastric Sleeve in Sharon, PA. Anyone?


on 7/8/15 9:23 pm - Youngstown, OH

July 9th, 2015

Looking for pre & post op peeps, from Northeastern OH or w/ nw PA, that intend to or have had the Lap gastric sleeve procedure performed at Sharon Regional Hospital.  If that was you, could you please share your experiences/ photos and your opinions of the facility, surgeon & anesthesiologist, nursing staff, if a drain was used on you?  The good and the not so good of it.  I'm selecting them because they accept my insurance [Care Source], and Care Source has no qualms about covering it.  I'm in Youngstown.  


There are other hospitals somewhat closer, yet they do not accept my insurance.  The only other one is Cleveland.  That's too far.  Especially since its req to attend 'intro' meetings at the facility you've selected to have your surgery.  Its too much of a hike even if I have arranged transport.


Thanks in advance if you can offer the tips/ info for Sharon Regional in Sharon, PA.


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