How not be scared or afraid of going through weight loss surgery

on 1/18/23 7:54 pm

How not be scared or afraid of going through weight loss surgery, I weighed over 600 lbs and some of things I'm scared of is not make through the surgery, have excess skin, and will the hospital equipment hold my weight.

on 1/19/23 2:13 am
RNY on 02/14/18

I don't think it's unusual to be nervous before major surgery. Talk to your doctor and/or your therapist about your concerns and fears.

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on 1/19/23 7:05 am
VSG on 06/28/17

First, talk to your program about your fears. They are there to help you feel that this is the best choice for your situation.

Secondly, when I was finally ready to have surgery, I knew that the known trajectory for my health was definitely going to lead to a very poor outcome. I had lost weight before but always gained it back with all sorts of programs and methods. I needed different tools. There are very good studies available now about the different types of bariatric surgery and its safety, how to make it as safe as possible, long-term outcomes, etc. I was more afraid of staying where I was than going forward with surgery. That being said, I did have complications. It wasn't my surgeon's fault or my fault. Sometimes people draw the short straw. You increase your chances of success by following your program's guidelines to make surgery as safe as possible. Many hospitals now have the appropriate equipment for heavier patients whether they do bariatric surgery or not due to changing demographics in patient populations. They won't go forward with the surgery if they think you are unsafe, but I do encourage you to talk about your concerns.

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