on 1/10/21 11:57 am

I had surgery March 2020 and I ended up pregnant I'm currently 5 months pregnant before I got pregnant I was getting bad rashes from the weight loss and I still am I wana know I have stay well I'm in Tampa Florida and I wana know if anyone knows if they cover a revision or if I'm able to get the cosmetic extra skin removal surgery from getting rashes since it would be consireded a medical issue ?

White Dove
on 1/10/21 9:38 pm, edited 1/10/21 1:39 pm - Warren, OH

To attempt to attempt to have surgery covered for rashes, you need to have pictures of the rashes, records of the doctor visits for it, and records of the medicines that were prescribed for it.

Whether a revision is covered depends on your insurance policy. It is usually because something in the surgery has failed to help you to lose weight. A doctor would have to work with you on that.

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