Clothing Swap/Sale

on 10/31/11 3:37 am - Canada
Hi Saskatoon WLS friends!!

PLEASE head over to Facebook and "like" our Group called SASKATOON WLS CLOTHES SWAP/SALE and feel free to post any clothes you have grown out of.

Those of us who have had Weight Loss Surgery of ANY kind, know that one of the biggest stresses is the amount of clothes we go through as we happily lose the pounds!!

This is a page to post photos of clothes that you no longer are needing.

They must be in GREAT condition. Please post the SIZE, COLOR and BRAND.

It is totally your decision if you want to state a price for your items OR if you want to give them away. Please keep your items reasonably priced though as we all know how much money can be spent on our "in-between" clothes.

Feel free to post clothing items separate OR as a lot.

If you would like to purchase/accept the clothing item, say so in the comments below that items photo.

This is just a means of connecting WLS patients and helping us clean out our closets to make room for NEW clothes!! All contact between buyer and seller needs to be direct and not through the Admins of this page. And decide between you whether the items will be delivered, picked up or shipped.

Be PROUD that you have clothing to post, and that you have clothing to buy! That means we are ALL being successful in our goals and taking charge of our lives. :)

If you have any questions, please contact Janelle at [email protected]

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