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Vida W.
on 1/3/04 4:49 pm - Chattanooga, TN
I was on the main msgboard and just decided to see what was going on here on the TN board...looks like I am the only Chattanoogan here Well, I am 2 months post-op...I won't get a final date until I pay my $1750 copay after DH and I get income tax refund back...will keep my fellow Tennesseans posted
on 1/4/04 1:14 am - Colorado Springs, CO
Hi there! You are not alone! I am from Chattanooga too! Just had my surgery with Jack Rutledge on December 16. Let me know how you are and I wish you well with your surgery! Kathy
on 1/5/04 3:55 pm - Crossville, TN
Hey! I'm not in chattanooga but I go there often to shop!! Congrats on getting this far before you know it you'll have a surgery date!! Who's your doctor? I went to a seminer at the Memorial Hospital but the wait was until 2005 before I could even see a doctor. Ugh! Way to long to put life on hold! Keep us updated. Hugs, Katie
on 1/19/04 9:54 am - Chattanooga, TN
I am also in Chattanooga but my BMI is too high to have the surgery done locally I am having to go to Clarksville TN to have it done right now Im waiting on insurance approval.
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