Here's how to see the sun instead of the clouds

on 8/5/14 9:09 pm - Culpeper, VA

“You want to be positive, but the negative finds a way in. Here's how to see the sun instead of the clouds.”

Ladies, granted, being women, we just get annoyed sometimes for no apparent reason. We scrutinize the size of our thighs, how spaghetti sauce got on the wall, and why the detergent didn't get the soda stain out. So how do we stop negativity when there are so many annoyances? Start by eliminating the biggies. What REALLY annoys you? For example, when your waistline was out of line, you started going to the gym - good problem solving. What else can you do? Is the pile of mail on the kitchen counter (the one that never seems to completely disappear) an annoying eyesore that grates on your nerves? Figure out a solution. Buy an organizer, a cute tin, or figure out a system for purging and sorting it. Approach other prominently daily annoyances and start eliminating them. By addressing the problems you'll not only have less to feel negative about, you'll realize what a doer you are and that you won't stand for negative issues weighing you down.

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