6 weeks post op today!!

on 4/6/11 11:16 pm
So today I have been sleeved for 6 weeks.  I feel fantastic and must say I look pretty fantastic too.  Lol.  Not only are woman noticing the change but I have had a couple of my guy friends tell me I look amazing so that is nice to hear. 

So I started out at 280 and that was after my first daughter was born 5 years ago.  I lost 85 pounds before my surgery and I went in at 195.  I am now 177.8!! I was at a size 24 and now I am in a VERY loose size 14.  They were tight about 2 weeks ago so I am not going to buy anything else for a while.  I did go through a 3 week stall from week 2-week 5 which was lame but no worries people!!  The weight did start coming off again.  I do weigh myself every morning to keep myself motivated and accountable.  I am very open about my surgery with people and although I have heard some negative comments (I took the easy way out and this is the lazy man diet) I have had much more supportive comments!!  I was never one to care what people thought of me so the hurtful comments roll of my back.  The reason I did this was for my health and not to get skinny although that is an awesome side affect.  I wanted to be here for my kids since my husband is deployed alllll the time and since he is out saving the world most months , they need their mama!!   Yes I do still struggle with food but instead of a full out war I feel like it is arm wrestling my 2 year old son:)  I know I can do it! (Although I do let him win)  I have let myself eat poorly once in a while but I really do not enjoy most junk food anymore.  It is more the bread thing.  Most of the time I am craving my chocolate peanut butter protein shakes or sugar free fruit pops!  The hardest thing with this entire thing is trying not to say "I KNOW RIGHT!!!" when someone says I look amazing:)  My 5 year old tells me often how beautiful I look and how happy she is I am healthy which makes me say thank you and turn to go to the bathroom to cry a little.  I love my kids so much and just want to be the best mom I can be for them.  I am excited to say that all 3 of my kids (and the many more that we have) will never know who their fat mom was until we bust out the pics.  It is true what they say, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels".  I am excited that I am still losing and able to get back to running and teach my kids how to do this RIGHT!  and YES sex is so much better and way more amazing:)  In all seriousness this is the best thing I have ever ever done for MYSELF which was amazing on so many different levels since I have been living for my husband and kids and I am SO happy I took some time to deal with me!!  I have an amazing support system and my husband is behind me all the way but now you can see him...lol.  God has blessed me with another chance at this and I am out to make Him proud!!
Linda B.
on 4/6/11 11:36 pm - CA
Awesome post! Feeling very similar to you and why you made your choices...sans the kids. (Mine are grown). I am new to all this, but feeling great. I love your attitude. Thanks for the positive post on this Thursday am.
Linda B
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on 4/6/11 11:45 pm - TX
I feel the same way!  My husband is in the Air Force and I did the surgery all by myself! He was deployed to Yemen.  I didn't do it for anyone but me.  Anyone who says this is the easy way out can kiss my butt because it's not.  It still requires will power! Sweets do not make me sick, but I choose not to eat them.  Carbs go down well, but I choose not to eat too much of them.  Most importantly, surgery doesn't make me go to the gym - I choose to go!!  Easy my butt!!!
on 4/7/11 12:39 am - Rensselaer, NY
Great post Army wife....abundle of thanks to your hubby for defending our country and hugs to you for holding down the homefront...your my hero!! To do this without your husband is huge too....I couldn't have done it without mine he was such a pillar of strength for me because this surgery ISN"T the EASY way out and for anyone that says that is just jealous because they don't have the courage or strength to do it.