Sleeved yesterday...

on 4/13/11 9:21 am
VSG on 04/12/11 with
My doctor daid trhe surgery went incredibly well & there's nothing that they want to watch me for.

I'm just beginning to feel a little beter. I was in a lot of pain and often felt sick to my stomach ( luckily I didn't puke)!

So far recovery has been harder than I thought it would be. I've been able to get up walking every hour & hope it'll make me feel better.

When did you start feeling better?
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on 4/13/11 9:28 am
By day 3 you will feel so much better! ;) Just rest, sleep, don't worry soon enough you will start to feel yourself again. Each day gets a little easier.
I am 9 days out now and out walking, doing nearly all I was doing before, I still take a little nap if I get tired, just taking life a bit slower for a while. Saying that I can't wait to start going to the gym.
Congrats and I hope you heal as fast I am!
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on 4/13/11 9:45 am - Littlerock, CA
VSG on 03/28/11 with
Congratulations on a smooth surgery!  I think the day after surgery was when I felt the worst...I slept ALOT that day...and by the time I went home, I was feeling much more like myself, thank goodness.  After that, I felt better every day...can't believe 2 weeks ago today is when I came home.  Just remember to walk, sip, rest...and repeat!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and welcome to "the Bench",  Viv 


Ronetta G.
on 4/13/11 10:04 am - NV
Congradulations  I agree, the first day was the day 3 I was feeling better, I'm 9 days out and I am back to work and feeling great....I take it slow but other than that I am wonderful.....You will get there soon, just sip and walk you will do fine.....
sleeve genie
on 4/13/11 10:32 am - Alhambra, CA
Yeah,  so happy for you.   I would say the first 2 weeks are the hardest but i was feeling ok around day 4 or 5.  Take it slow and easy and rest and give yourself time to heal.   You'll be feeling much better soon.  Enjoy the new and improved you.  Walk, sip, rest and repeat  :o) jeani
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sheri N.
on 4/13/11 11:22 am - MO
on 4/13/11 11:55 am - Fayetteville, GA
I was sleeved Monday and today I feel pretty good. Am antsy to do some things. My husband took me to Walmart to get some energy out by walking. Hoping tomorrow to walk around the neighborhood and also get online and find myself a job. I slept so good today 4.5 hours since  they didn't let me sleep much in the hospital, I may be regretting that now that it is bedtime and I can't sleep. Things get better. Just being home helps!! And gas X strips and Prilosec and sip, sip, sipping...

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