Post Op day 21

Inikah J.
on 4/25/11 1:37 pm - Houston, TX
Post op day 21 and I am down 35lbs!! I returned to work today and back to class!! I am really not liking the Puree stage but making it work for me.  I am so tired of looking at other people eat...LOL
on 4/25/11 1:47 pm - LA
that is great news!  i'm 20 days out! and feeling great... i'm down 40 but have plato for a week now!  i didn't puree any foods.. i just ate soft foods and chewed the hell out of them!  what are you doing to get your protein in?

best of luck

Inikah J.
on 4/25/11 2:08 pm - Houston, TX
I am drinking protein shakes, eggs, cod fish(pan fry or bake), grill chicken (already cut up in the deli isle). I am chopping my food up really fine with my Ninja.  I told my doc I am not eating my food like that.  So I just had 1 oz of grilled chicken and I Ninjaed it and I make sure I chew slowly and count 30 times before I swallow.  LOL

George B.
on 4/26/11 12:28 am - Miami, FL
During the pureed stage you can take a can of soup and run it through your Ninja for a nice meal. Lentil soup and Split Pea soup are good and provide protein and fiber.  I bought soups from my favorite restaurants and ran them through my food processor.

You can also have Egg Salad, Chili, Greek yogurt, Cottage Cheese, Tuna or Chicken Salad (run through the Ninja). With the Ninja you can puree just about anything.

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