on 5/16/11 8:32 am - CA
Hey I am 3 wks post op today and not only havent lost a pound in 4 days but I've actually gained 1! I've lost a total of 20 lbs in the 3 weeks since I've had surgery but now I seem stuck and I'm afraid its because I've started eating food. This morning I had a third of a serving of cream of wheat with a half a slice of toast both with zero calorie spray butter and sweet & low in my cream of wheat. I am currently drinking a protein shake which I am sick to death of by the way. Any other April sleevers stuck and if so how long?? I ate 9 potatoe chips a few days ago and my husband said thats why I gained but my calories are staying around the 600 mark so I don't think thats I wrong?
on 5/16/11 8:37 am
Welcome to the dread 3-week stall. It's so common it's almost a running gag line. Mine lasted a week. Sometimes they last a little longer.

The 1 lb is water, don't sweat it. Just keep doing what you know to do - it's your body adjusting.

Pay attention tho - I lost inches while I was stalled and could wear clothes at the end I couldn't at the beginning. Strange, but also very common.

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on 5/16/11 8:39 am
Your husband may be right. The salt content in potato chips may have you retaining water. I will be post of three weeks on Friday. So far I have lost 25lbs. I too am sick of protein drinks but am so afraid of hitting a plateu that I am afraid eat junk. I go for m post of visit on Wednesday and cannot wait to eat salad. Did they okay you eating fruit or do you have to wait longer for that? I would also start walking if I were you, that really helps.
on 5/16/11 8:58 am - Racine, WI
I lost 18 lbs the first week, 4lbs the second week and I haven't lost anything since! Same boat.

I am seeing my stomach get smaller. Others don't see it yet but I sure do! The seatbelt fits me better, my clothes are hanging on me but the scale stays in place.

Lately I have been seeing some water retention and I am not on my BP meds now with the built in water pill. I went to the Dr office today just to check BP and hope the scale showed me some love (no luck) and I asked for a water pill. My BP is borderline high so the water pill will help that and the scale I hope.

I know what I am eating and I know its just a matter of time. Good luck!
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on 5/16/11 9:00 am - MI
 Wow, chips so soon?  I'm scared that I won't be able to stop with just one chip.  I am still waiting on my surgery--one week to go!--and I'd give about anything for real food.  But I've lost 10 pounds since I started my liquids only (maybe more, but I haven't been on a scale since Thursday), so I won't risk it.

I've heard that a stall at 3 weeks is common and I am gearing up for that myself.  Just hoping to lose a good deal in those first two weeks so I don't get too discouraged!

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on 5/16/11 9:05 am - Atlanta, GA
I was sleeved in April...just April 2010. You're probably just going thru the normal adjustment as others described. 

But may I ask you a question?
I assume at 3 weeks you're on soft foods???? Are you getting any protein other than your protein shakes?  Cream of wheat...toast.... and 9 potato chips have practically no protein and tons of carbs. Instead of worrying about your calorie level I would, in my opinion, focus on the protein and fluid levels. Are you meeting your surgeon's and NUT goal for those numbers?


on 5/16/11 9:42 am - AZ
Make sure you drink plenty of water to flush out that salty stuff, and help the body flush out all the things it's getting rid of as you lose weight.

I do my best weight loss when I drink plenty of plain water ...64+ ounces every single day. It's my favorite thing now!


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on 5/16/11 9:55 am - CA
Yes I am trying to eat protein, I have chicken quite a bit, and the cream of wheat actually has quite a bit of protein. I eat cottage cheese, yogurt, egg on occasion. Any other suggestions on how I could eat more protein in the soft food stage?
on 5/16/11 10:39 am - AZ
I loved cheese and refried beans with some plain, fat-free greek yogurt - which I find heartier than sour cream. I love it still! Lots of protein in that mix! And a variety is you can use black beans, too. I'm loving the fat free vegetarian refried beans! I add a tablespoon of mild salsa now and have it at least once a week.

You can add fresh fruit to the plain greek yogurt, too. It's great with blueberries and bananas for desert! Or strawberries! Have fun with it!


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on 5/16/11 10:45 am - TX
VSG on 02/15/11 with
I actually gained a little more than 10 lbs from the morning of my surgery till the morning after I got home. I know it was water weight, but it took a while to lose it. Then at three weeks, I had the "three week stall". Try to get all the protein in and sip, sip, sip water. I couldn't have real food (only soft) till 6 weeks after surgery. I still haven't had chips. It is not unusual to have a stall or even gain a pound or two. Everyone is different so you can't go by what others are losing. Do as your doc and nut instructed and you'll be fine. I don't count calories, only protein. I go see the nut Wed and I'm gonna ask if I should be counting anything else. Good luck!!
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