Nausea after eating

on 6/9/11 11:46 am
 Any sugestions?  After eating I almost always get very nauseated for about an hour.  Today ate 1/2 a scrambled egg and 1/2 piece of sausage.  Lunch FF refried beans with cheese and salsa.  Supper 1/3 grilled hamburger patty with cheese and 2 baked mozzerella sticks.  I always get 64-80 oz of water in and do take omprazole once daily.  Anyone else like this.  I am 4 weeks out and was cleared for anything I can tolerate now.
on 6/9/11 12:32 pm
Try eating slowly or less and see if that helps. Otherwise you could try some ginger or peppermint to relieve the nausea. You could chew on some or make ginger tea. Of course wait till you can drink.

Maybe you are not really tolerating those foods and the nausea is the signal?

On my plan I was farther out before I could eat solids.Try pureeing you meats, that could be the issue. You are still very early out.
on 6/9/11 12:52 pm
 Thanks, I think that is a good idea.  I will go back to more softer foods as cottage cheese usually does not make me nauseated.
queen R.
on 6/9/11 1:14 pm - enid, OK
I hear you!  I was cleared for soft food Tues. and today I was so sick and in so much pain I had to call in to work....I know I did something wrong...too fast, too much,  toooo something but it sure sucked!  I'm going to step back to where it was comfortable and ease into it MUCH slower!  It was the first time I had doubts about going through with this, but I know it will work out.  Good luck!
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