editing health ticker?

on 7/5/11 3:57 am - chesapeake, VA
Does anyone know how I can edit my Health ticker for previous weights recorded?  I accidently put in a much higher weight one time and it is all messed up on my graph...I know how to edit my current wieght but cant seem to edit the prior ones..not sure if you can..
on 7/5/11 5:07 am
If you go back to where you created the ticker and edit it you can change your weight then go to the other page and put in your current weight. hope this helps.

on 7/5/11 5:52 am - Nashville, TN
Revision on 03/18/15
not sure you can edit after the fact,but you could enter the weight  that will correct your ticker as a "new" weight lost and that should bring it up to date,even though you didn't actually "lose" that amount you would just be "correcting" a previous mistake so you would come out even in the end.

good luck,




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on 7/5/11 6:48 am - Irvine, CA
Hello there, To edit the previous weights you can use the calendar and go back to those dates. When you get to those dates, then you can type the correct amount over the top of the incorrect amount.  Wait a few moments and it will save your new data.  

If you further assistance, please let us know.   Take care, Member Services

on 7/5/11 11:21 pm - chesapeake, VA
ahhh thanks so much everyone...I dont know why I didnt think of that...I knew there had to be a way to do it...I appreciate the help!!!
on 7/5/11 11:37 pm - chesapeake, VA
it worked...thanks again everyone!
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