6 days in hosp..FINALLY HOME!!!!!!

Jan G.
on 8/10/11 11:44 am - WI

After 9 long months of waiting my baby SLEEVE was born Aug 6th..yeah!! However, for some odd reason my insides did NOT want to cooperate and everything BACKED up until I kept vomiting. I was NOT in pain, not nauseated, but would suddenly start to vomit. I have MS and things move slowly,

At 3:30 AM,  per instructions, I took the meds I take for my muscles and spinal stenosis.

I remembering commenting on how UNSORE I was thinking it must be anes still working. Because of the vomiting my baby sleeve was swollen..2 GI tests later, no blockage, obstruction..just nothing would MOVE!!!!

So they would try sipping liquids which then would start up the vomiting. Figured out there was just NO room and the plumbing stopped. Milk magnesia lead to 3 bouts of "loose" bowels in my "depends" yes worse them cuz every time I vomited I wet my pants.

Soo..glad to be home tonight..loving my baby sleeve which is working perfectly now that swelling is down. Many days of NPO after trying to sip sip sip.

This would've been a piece of cake if not for the back up issue. My MS is kicking up now but I just have to rest.

Nothing will stop me now~~!!!!!


VSG: 08/05/2011   Age 62   5 foot:  HW: 207    SW 194   CW 156
on 8/10/11 11:48 am
(((hugs))) you beat me... I was only 5 days in the hospital, but it was still unexpected.

Glad you are home and on the road to recovery!  Your positive attitude will be your greatest blessing!  Glad to have you back "home" on the board... I always love your posts!!!
on 8/10/11 11:50 am

I am so sorry you had such a rough start but, very happy to hear you are home and doing much better. Congratulations on your sleeve. Best wishes for a smooth recovery!

~ Jen



Jan G.
on 8/10/11 11:51 am - WI
Aww..thanks for welcoming me "home"..yes remember YOU were stuck in hospital too.

CORRECTION; baby sleeve's birthdate is August 5th


Will be glad to have this IV wt off soon.

VSG: 08/05/2011   Age 62   5 foot:  HW: 207    SW 194   CW 156
on 8/10/11 11:54 am - Red Oak, TX
You now how those babies can be, with the pooping and puking,,,, I am so happy for you,.,,, Look forward to updates with before and after pictures.. I was just thinking with you having MS you will prove to be a very interesting case to watch,, so many of us have serious illnesses that are expected to improve with the weight loss,,,.. but MS is so unique,,, and interesting in and of itself....well anyway so glad to hear you are recovering,, and I hope that you continue with great progress upon your journey,,, wishing you  well,,
on 8/10/11 11:54 am - TX
Wow, 6 days is a lot...I hope things are moving along now though, and you feel comfortable starting on this awesome journey!
Jan G.
on 8/10/11 12:02 pm - WI
I want to make sure that newbies know this was an EASY surgery, per surgeon, NO pain, hardly ANY soreness and once the DRAIN was open for fluids to move again its been working like a charm.

I did NOT have a drain and honestly believe that having a drain would've prevented a lot of the vomiting. Also my surgeon came in to see the 2nd GI test himself and saw how swollen the sleeve got from vomiting so much.

AND it did not hurt to vomit !!! I did not need pain meds except for my BACK as I was off my anti-inflammatory.

A little wobblely (back issues and MSee)....so can I hang onto someone on the losers bench??


VSG: 08/05/2011   Age 62   5 foot:  HW: 207    SW 194   CW 156
on 8/10/11 12:20 pm - MD
 I had my sleeve on August 4. I am so grateful my experience was smoother than yours. I don't think I could have dealt with being in the hospital so long. It was hard enough. I have been so much happier since I got home. I still have my drain, but it gets taken tomorrow. YAY!  I suppose I should be grateful for it, too, based on what you have shared here. 

So glad you are home.  Congrats. 
on 8/10/11 12:54 pm
 ((((((( Jan )))))))))))))) so happy you made it home! I hope you continue to heal and that your MS decides to quiet down. You are always so supportive of everyone on these boards. Nothing but good wishes for you!


on 8/10/11 1:26 pm
I hope that's the worst of it for you and that your sleeve behaves from now on!!

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