Lavash Bread

on 8/16/11 4:04 pm - CA
Yay! I finally found the Lavash Bread!

Frisco (or anyone els)

What's your favorite/s lavash recipe/s

Many thanks!
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on 8/16/11 4:22 pm
Very versatile !

First keep in mind is a carb...low, but still bread......

My first suggestion is to freeze it if no one else is going to be eating it......

In weight loss I would have it once or twice a week in small amounts.....

Now in maintenance a bit more freely.....

- Sandwiches/Wraps.... My favs are tuna, egg salad, ham & cheese.......
- Buttered/Smart Balance Spread
- Faux Naan Bread
- Toasted to crackers-Great with cheese or an Olive Topenade or smoked salmon !!
- Pizza !!! Half toasted before putting toppings on than baking.
- Dried and put in a food processor for bread crumbs

I think I'm gonna make a Tuna Sandwich !


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Susan M.
on 8/16/11 10:20 pm
I am still having trouble finding it.  My local Wal-Mart's and Meijers' do not have it. 
on 8/16/11 11:20 pm - chesapeake, VA
yumm Frisco....the toasted one sounds so good with salmon..maybe some cream  I have to look for it..
on 8/17/11 12:41 am - MN
I  Lavash for a super thin pizza crust! You're only limited by your imagination!
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