Ga. Vsg Surgeons

on 9/21/11 5:15 am - Dallas, GA
Im in the atlanta area looking for a reputable vsg surgeon anyone had the surgery in Ga that you can reccomend a surgeon ?
Thanks !
on 9/21/11 5:43 am - GA
I am using Dr Paul Macik (404 252-2220) who performes procedure at Northside Hosptal and Johns Creek Hospital.  I did not have the surgery yet however he comes highly recommended.  I was just at his office yesterday so I was able to ask him a few questions.  One of the questions I did ask was how many VSG procedure he completed and his answer was 150.  The other doctor is Dennis Smith  (heard was really good) - but heard his prices are high.  I hope this helps.
on 9/21/11 6:37 am - Atlanta , GA
I had surgery with dr. Macik on last Wednesday. Everything went really well! He is a great surgeon but extremely shy. I did not choose him for talking skills rather surgery skill. I am very pleased with my results. I have three small incisions and my largest incision is in my belly button. You won't notice I had surgery once I heal. I recommend attending several surgeon seminars and talking one on one with each. I have seen Dr. Macik, Dr. Smith, and Dr. Johnson, vsg patients on OH. All great results!
on 9/21/11 6:56 am - GA
I am sooo glad you mentioned that he was shy because for a minute I wasn't sure if I said something wrong to make him so quite.  He answered all my questions but talkative he's not.  BTW what's Dr. Johnson's first name?
on 9/21/11 8:56 am - Atlanta , GA
Yeah if you don't know Macik you would think something is wrong lol. He is highly intelligent and antisocial.

Anyways, Dr. William Johnson is another vsg surgeon in Atlanta.
on 9/21/11 10:30 am
Hello! I haven’t had my surgery yet, but I am seeing Dr. William Johnson. He is at Emory Johns Creek, which is a trip for me...(live in W-Stock), but after all my research, and many seminar's later,  I chose to go with Dr. Johnson. He is a young surgeon, but he is personable, informative and his staff has been so very helpful with my every need.... (and I have needed a lot since starting this journey). :)

There are so many great surgeons out there, so I suggest you go to their seminars and ask questions to get a feel for them and how they answer to your specific questions/needs.

Good luck in your search,
on 9/21/11 10:59 am - Dallas, GA
Thanks so much for the information i have been looking into Dr Maciks which seems to have great reviews thanks again !
on 9/21/11 11:55 am - Cumming, GA
I can't say enough good things about Dr. Macik! I had a scare on a Sunday morning with one of my incision. I called his office who paged him. He called me instantly and was very nice. Follow up care is just as important as the surgery itself in my book

Best of luck on your journey!
on 9/21/11 11:03 pm - Lithonia, GA
I was sleeved by Dr William Johnson a year ago.  After going to the seminars of Johnson, Steinberg, Macik (twice), Williams, Hart, and Hobson----  I chose Dr  Johnson, and have not had ANY regrets about my decision.  Although he IS young (and looks younger--- trust me---- I looked him up, and we graduated from high school the SAME year) he is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and well-eduacted about this procedure.  He answered all of my questions, all of my phone calls, and all of my emails (yep---- I was a pest about my HEALTH!). 

His office staff is GREAT.  The coordinator (Susie) and I, contacted my insurance coordinator on the phone IN THE OFFICE to make sure the process flowed smoothly.  Susie and Tonya called me PERSONALLY at home 2 days after my surgery.  My aftercare was  top notch.  The nutritionists were great, as I emailed them often as well :):).  My follow ups were thourough, and I would recommend the entire practice (He shares with Christopher Hart) to anyone.   

I would suggest that you attend every seminar that you can.  Look up the surgeons on the GA Medical Board website..... Look at the reviews on this site and others.  Make an informed decision about your surgeon and surgery.  I,  too,  do not live close to Johns Creek (It takes about 45min-1 hr to get there from where I am)---  but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
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