on 1/14/12 10:33 am
Terrible, but I can't remember why we can't have caffein. I've never been a big soda drinker and haven't had any since surgery. I'm mainly wondering bc most of the stimulant/work out energy pills at GNC contain caffein. Any advice on these type of pills/caffein as respects VSG??
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on 1/14/12 10:42 am - Albany, NY
DS on 07/05/16
Caffeine is a diuretic . You end up having to drink extra water to make up for the cup of coffee so you dont become dehydrated
on 1/14/12 10:44 am
 I think it has to do with caffeine being a diuretic. My surgeon's nurse told me I could have coffee later on as long as I do not count it towards my total liquid intake.


on 1/14/12 11:30 am - Jacksonville, FL
If your a big coffee drinker then your body has already adjusted to the caffeine and no longer acts as a diuretic.
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on 1/14/12 11:54 am
VSG on 01/26/12
My NUT says caffeine is OK - in moderation an to "listen to your body".  Working on cutting coffee to 1/2 caf just to be safe immediately post op.  Even at that, have a splitting headache on this preop diet. 
on 1/14/12 11:57 am
VSG on 01/26/12
BTW, I was at GNC this week and salesperson gave me some samples of 1.M.R. (one.more.rep) and said it was "stimulant free".  IDK about that....I see Yerba Mate is one of the ingredients.....
on 1/14/12 1:43 pm
I drink 1 cup of coffee every day.. I have since 2 weeks out.
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on 1/14/12 2:43 pm
As Hogrider said, caffeine isn't a diuretic if you drink it regularly.  I count my daily 24 oz of coffee towards my liquid requirement.  Early out, I believe the issue is that the acid in coffee can be an irritant to your staple line.  I went  back to coffee after a couple months.

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on 1/15/12 3:48 am
Thanks everyone!
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