on 2/2/12 10:09 am
So I am 4.5 months out, waiting for my hair to thin out but it is not falling out as much but instead my hair is getting very coarse and breaking off (it could be the weather as well, doing lots of walking). I have stopped covering up the greys and just letting them come in, figure I better not put any chemicals into it until I find out what is going on with it.

Anyone have any solution other then eggs, microlwhip, olive oil?
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on 2/2/12 11:11 am
VSG on 01/17/12
Are you taking Biotin and Zinc? They were recommended to me.
Elaine H.
on 2/2/12 11:39 am
Go to QVC and look op WEN - it is a cleansing cream by Caz Dean
it is fabulous - I am a cosmetologist and have had terrific results - my hair is grey
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on 2/2/12 11:40 am
I am alomost 3 months out and haven't started losing any hair yet. Fingers crossed!! Anyhow about the courseness it could be the gray hairs as they are much more coarse. (hairdresser here)
The breaking hard to say... Are you using hair ties etc.. Or moving more in your sleep. It could be winter weather.. Some conditioner might help. Not sure how old you are but menopause brings on dry brittle hair.

I also take zinc and biotin and if nothing else my hair is growing faster...
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on 2/2/12 11:55 am
40ish here and well yes the greys are coming in and it might be why I am noticing it more. Yes winter weather is very brutal but it was never this bad, I use a conditioner for moisturizer. I have to straighten my hair because it is so thick and puffy (really bad). You can't even tell I have the coarse hair or thick after straightening it. I do have a chemical straightener put in it a year ago, I don't know if it is just all the chemicals doing this or what. I want soft hair and ok going grey but if that is where I am getting that feeling I might be tempted to cover them up again with some chemicals, will talk to my hair dresser next time about it, she wants to do a make over but I can only see the dollar signs.

I do pin my hair back lots but actually less then before surgery, summer time mostly. I would now but I am having a hard time with keep warm this winter lol I am always freezing and hair down keeps my neck warmer.

I was told the biotin won't do much good, I am ok with losing hair, I have very thick hair and would love it to get thin for a few months or forever. My hair grows really fast normally.
Sleeved 15-Sept-2011 HW 294 Pre op weight 285 SW 279 GW 145?
Pre op 6 lbs lost, M1 - 23 lbs M2 - 11 lbs M3 - 12 M4 - 6 M5 -10 M6 -10 M7 -7 M8 - 4 M9 - 4
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on 2/2/12 12:20 pm - TX
I started losing hair like crazy right around 3 mos out. i still lose it daily now. I've been taking pre-natal gummies and a regular multi gummie in an effort to boost my vites and get some strength back in there... last hair cut I asked my girl to check the scalp for new growth. she said you could already tell a difference at the root compared to a month ago, so that was encouraging! I have biotin, but haven't started taking it b/c a) I have a hard time remembering all the other vites as it is and b) it's not chewable so I'm sort of afraid of how it might feel in my tummy! Anyway, I ask just switched from Nioxin Shampoo to my favorite Aveda Shampoo. I'd rather be skinny and bald than fat and hairy - sort of.

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on 2/2/12 12:24 pm
The haircolor changes the texture of the grays and makes them softer...

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on 2/3/12 5:26 am
Thanks for the info, will get it colored again next time I go in, might ask for a complete make over.
Sleeved 15-Sept-2011 HW 294 Pre op weight 285 SW 279 GW 145?
Pre op 6 lbs lost, M1 - 23 lbs M2 - 11 lbs M3 - 12 M4 - 6 M5 -10 M6 -10 M7 -7 M8 - 4 M9 - 4
M10- 4 M11 - 5 M12 - 0

Happy Camper
on 2/3/12 3:40 pm
 You should!  You deserve it!  Then I wanna see before and after pics. :)
on 2/2/12 9:57 pm - MI
Ask your hairdresser about a semi permanant color rinse like Redken Shades EQ.
It's not harsh on the hair at all.
While there are tons of moisturizing conditioners
(use a deep moisturizer once a week/apply and leave in 15 - 20 minutes then shampoo) hair health comes from within so taking biotin or a hair, skin & nails supplement would be benefical.
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