Did watching everyone eat for Easter make you sad too?

on 4/8/12 11:14 am
VSG on 04/04/12
I'm 5 days out from surgery and still on liquids.  Watching my family nosh on barbeque ribs, chicken, corn on the cob, potatoes, etc, etc, etc, was incredibly difficult.  I felt like I wanted to cry and then I was mad at myself for feeling that way...it was a rough day! 


jennygalthin n
on 4/8/12 11:20 am
The cookout was yesterday for my family I'm 16 days out so I'm on mushies and pureed food so no ribs no corn on cob only baked beans I wasn't mad just thinking about year ago how much of that I would have eaten So all in all I mad it through it
on 4/8/12 12:13 pm - Canada
VSG on 04/03/12
The food looked good to me , but it felt like I ate a big meal  already and really had no interest in it.  I felt more self concious about eating my broth while everyone probably felt sorry for me. lol... I covered it by yapping a ton
on 4/8/12 12:21 pm - Phoenix, AZ
VSG on 03/16/12
I haven't felt that way yet. When I was in liquids, I've watched my family eating Lasagna (which I would of had 2 large helpings of), and was surprised that I wasn't bothered by it. I think my dad felt worse about eating infront of me than I felt that I couldn't eat things. Sure there have been a tempting few times where I have wanted to partake.
Once I got into soft foods and realized that no matter how much I used to love certain things, they just aren't the same as they used to be. I guess because I was a volume eater. Now that I know I can't, and don't physically feel hunger - it's not as appealing as it once was.
on 4/8/12 12:30 pm
VSG on 03/29/12
Well, I'm on day ten, and I get to start full liquids tomorrow, but yes it was hard to see all the candy, hear about the cookouts, and all. Luckily it's just me and hubby and we didn't do much. I actually spent most of the afternoon with Sonjakp lol... and she's a day behind me, so that made life a lot easier!

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Twizzled D.
on 4/8/12 12:33 pm
 I was where you were at Christmas - sleeved 4 days before Christmas. We had Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas breakfast, Christmas supper, and my brother's birthday the day after with me on clear liquids. It's absolutely rough to have that first holiday so close to your surgery date, but think about how much more difficult it would've been to gorge on that food and be mad at yourself for eating wayyyyyyy more than needed. Think about the next holiday, or even next Easter, when you can eat those foods in moderation and how you'll enjoy your food so much more! I felt just like you did at my brother's birthday (pizza and wings. I could've sacrificed every person in that room for a taste of wing sauce at that point), and those comments of "Oh, this is so good!" or "Wow, that's good pizza!" were like daggers. Easter was my first full-food holiday, and it was so pleasant. I had some of everything that I like, ate my portion, and just enjoyed every minute of it. Best part was not feeling like I had to unbutton my pants (5 sizes smaller than last Easter's) after the meal to feel comfortable. 

It sucks now, but liquids aren't permanent. Hang in there and remember all the reasons you opted for the surgery. It gets better, honest! Good luck to you! 
on 4/8/12 12:53 pm - Rio Rancho, NM
VSG on 04/03/12
 I didn't find it too difficult, but, my boyfriend is very kind and thoughtful, I have to convince him it's okay to eat! Ha ha

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on 4/8/12 12:54 pm - IN
I was lucky in that my surgery was in August, so I was past the liquids/pureed foods phases by the time the holidays rolled around. Just think, next Easter you'll be so much slimmer and able to enjoy all the foods you love in moderation (I splurged a little and allowed myself some mac & cheese, half a roll, even a sliver of ice cream cake . . . of course after I had my 3 oz of ham!!).
Sleeved 8/10/11

on 4/8/12 1:00 pm
i was freshly sleeved right before Thanksgiving.. I was happy that finally food did NOt control me.. Same feeling today.. I enjoyed what I had but so happy I didn't need to go put on strecth pantss.
It gets easier..trust me!!!
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on 4/8/12 2:09 pm

The perspective you choose does matter.

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