Diabetes resolved with sleeve?

on 3/3/13 4:16 am - Bend, OR

Sooo still working on my decision, can you tell me if your diabetes has resolved, or your med needs were reduced with your sleeve. 

Also, if the diabetes resloved in the begining, but has now returned?

My little sister is a physician specializing in diabetes, and she is trying to sway me to an RNYm but I would rather have a sleeve.  Just trying to get more info, and the studies seem to be small or contradictory.

Thanks so much, for your help.



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on 3/3/13 4:29 am - Davison, MI

All I can say Is I was borderline and am now normal.  Hope you get the answers your looking for.  I do know the DS has better results than the RNY for going away and not returning.

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on 3/3/13 4:30 am
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I'll be interested to see the responses to this because I'm type 2 diabetic and am hoping the sleeve will let me get my bg under control so I can come off my meds.
on 3/3/13 4:44 am - Halifax NS, Canada

I had the VSG in Nov.2012 by Dr. Kelly in Mexico. I am off 2 of my diabetic meds and I'm only on metformin now. I'm hoping to be off that soon also.

Julia HasHerLifeNow
on 3/3/13 4:58 am
VSG on 10/09/12
I was type 2 diabetic for probably about three years, diagnosed one year prior to my surgery. I was on 1000 mg of metformin a day and my A1c hovered around 7.

I was told to stop metformin a week before surgery.

Three days post op my blood glucose readings were normal and have been there ever since. No metformin at all since stopping it a week before surgery. My A1C was 5.1 at the time of my labs in January.

It is never resolved. It may be in remission but it is always there,

So no one will ever convince me that the VSG is only a restrictive surgery, three days post op I had not yet lost any weight so the normalization of the blood glucose can only be attributed to the surgery itself and the impact on my metabolism of having 85% of my stomach removed.

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on 3/3/13 5:14 am - KY

I was on meds for diabetes twice a day up until I had my surgery along with meds for high blood pressure and a few other things now the only medication I am on is my thyroid meds which I will have to take the rest of my life no matter what and my vitamins. I still check my sugar from time to time and it is always normal. 

Father Don
on 3/3/13 6:12 am - Charleston, SC

As someone stated, it's NEVER resolved - only in remission - it can come back with regain and/or age.  Also eating carbs will increase it.  Staying on a protein rich diet helps.


Also, google the STAMPEDE study that Dr. Phil Schauer at the Cleveland Clinic performed - it's techy-medical, but insightful.

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on 3/3/13 7:57 am - Cleburne, TX
VSG on 11/27/12

My husband & my dr. Recommended the RNY for diabetes also. We decided to go with the sleeve instead. We were both type II diabetics. We were on 2-3 meds each twice a day. My husband had to stop his prior to surgery. I stopped mine on day of surgery. Our levels are always within normal limits except my husbands are occasionally low. I would recommend the sleeve but you have to do what's best for you. Listen to your sister & read what you can on both surgeries. 


on 3/3/13 8:34 am - MI
VSG on 12/26/12

If you are on insulin you can ask for a c-peptide test to see if you are still producing any of your own insulin.  I was not, so it made it easier to choose the sleeve because I knew I wasn't going to get off insulin anyway.  I chose to still have surgery to help with overall control and to reduce my A1C long term. 

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on 3/3/13 11:08 am - Bend, OR

Thanks for the imput.  Just some info about me... Type 2 diabetic for 19 years.   Off all my meds for about 1 1/2 years after the band, but slowly they have all been added back in.  I have never had to take insulin.

You are correct about the diabetes being in remission, not cured.  Little sis is trying to educate PCP's of this since so many stop watching for it.  She says they are finding the diabetes coming back after about 10 years, but if it is no****ched for and jumped on it can cause a lot of havoc with our bodies. 

Ahhhh decisions.  There is a little part of me that worries I will be one of the few who don't lose weight on the sleeve, but yet I know that when my band worked I would lose weight, then I would have problems, we would let the fluid out, the weight would come back, put fluid back in and the weight would come right back off.

Sooo I know a lot of insurences are saying 1 surgery per life time, but if you expand your sleeve into a DS is that considered a completion of the 1st or an additional surgery? 



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