Only lost 1 pound

on 6/30/20 7:11 pm - Dallas, Tx

I am only 4 days post op but I have only lost one pound. I haven't ate anything off of my program. Just wondering if this is going to work for me?

Maureen K.
on 6/30/20 7:52 pm

Hang in there stick with the program I went an entire 5 weeks not losing one pound I thought for sure I was the one it didn't work for - but I believe it's such a shock and trauma to your system it takes awhile for the body to adjust . It will work I lost 100 lbs in a year . I know it's hard best to you

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on 6/30/20 8:38 pm - Dallas, Tx

Omg! That gives me hope! I am so nervous it's not going to work.

Maureen K.
on 7/1/20 8:52 am

I'm so glad this gives you hope I was researching some things yesterday for my issues I had my surgery 12 years ago and have only had a regain of 8 lbs I am desperately trying to get it off seems so weird now to fight a small amount compared to 100 but it's just as hard . Anyway in my research I saw where a doctor said it is perfectly normal to lose weight slowly in the first month or not at all so hang in there you got this ??

SW - 223  CW- 130 GW- 140  Start Sz 18 Current Sz 4 Ht. 5'6"
 BA- LBL/TT 11/3/09


Cathy H.
on 6/30/20 10:06 pm
VSG on 10/31/16

They pump you full of fluids during the procedure. I was about 12 pounds heavier right after surgery. If you're showing an actual 1 pound loss after only 4 days, then you've probably actually lost a lot more since you must have lost all the fluids as well. Sounds like you're doing great!

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on 7/1/20 7:22 am
RNY on 06/03/15

yep - it's because of the IV fluids. Most of us come out of the hospital up to 10 lbs heavier than when we went in (and sometimes more!)

on 7/2/20 12:00 pm
VSG on 06/11/18

Yes indeed. It took about 6 days, if I recall, before I saw any loss! I know it's difficult to be patient, but the weight will start to melt off soon.

Ironically, the best thing you can do to get rid of excess fluid is to drink more water! This will also help prevent or treat constipation, which tends to be a problem post-op.

on 7/7/20 5:07 pm
VSG on 09/10/18

I had my surgery in October 2018 I lost 60 but now I can't seem to loose anymore I think I've probably gained like 8 pounds and I'm going crazy any suggestions please anyone

on 7/23/20 9:50 am

You're probably retaining water and dealing with swelling right now, I would guess.

I had all kinds of anxiety that "this isn't working" or "well, I'm done losing" throughout this process. No matter how many times I prove myself wrong, I still get that anxiety. It just shows how much we invest in this, in our new selves and our new lives. You're going to be fine, don't worry even if you go 10+ days without losing. We all have stalls, we all lose it differently, but it's simply calories in vs. calories out at this point. And it's impossible to eat more than you're burning right now. Just stick with the plan, don't drink calories (unless it has protein in it) and try not to step on the scale multiple times a day (I was bad at that myself). You've got this

on 9/6/20 8:32 am

I worried about the same thing. I stalled for a few weeks, then started losing.